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“The fact that it’s prescribed by a women’s health physio & tailored to mum’s who have a postpartum body filled me with the confidence to start strengthening my body quite soon after giving birth”

Meet Jen Hi, I'm Jen. I’m a 37 year old mum of two girls - Eliana is almost three and Hannah is 4 months. Living in rural Australia, I’m over 100km from the nearest major town, so travelling with a new baby for a workout wasn’t an option. I live on a cattle & cropping [...]

“After doing the Level one program my tummy (my biggest problem area) has reduced considerably”

Meet Annalies Hi, I'm Annalies. Hi, I just wanted to share my story since starting Body Beyond Birth! I had my first son almost four years ago now. While I didn’t snap back to my pre-baby body immediately, the weight did definitely come off fairly easily, so I never felt the need to do much [...]

“The BBB program helped me to improve my core strength and develop a better routine of exercise into my daily life”

Meet Tracy Hi, I'm Tracy. So my story is I am a mother of two and was needing to improve my strength for all areas of the body, especially my back and abdominals. I had a 3cm abdominal separation after my second child and felt it was time to begin reducing that and improving my [...]

“As soon as I was able to consistently practise, I felt so much stronger, happier and heathier as a result!”

Meet Sacha Hi, I'm Sacha. I'm a Mum of twins, I work in PR and live in Sydney. I joined BBB about two months after the birth of my babies. I had an abdominal separation and my doctor had cleared me for gentle exercise. I looked into a few different at-home options but ultimately felt [...]

“Signing up to BBB was the best decision I made!”

Meet Sophie Hi, I'm Sophie. My name is Sophie I’m 29. I’m from Sydney originally and moved to the central west of NSW 6 years ago where I met my husband, Will. He’s a farmer and I am a nurse and we got married in 2018. I’m currently studying my Masters in Public health specializing [...]

“I love the variety of the videos and that most of the moves are completely different to my normal training.”

Meet Helen Hi, I'm Helen. I’m a mother of 3 kids, 1 boy and 2 girls. Four years ago we opted for a sea change and my husband and I now own and run a motel on the South Coast of NSW. I also umpire top level netball, both domestically and internationally. I had my [...]

“It is the only pregnancy Pilates and physio program I feel like I can trust absolutely and I sure have done my research!”

Meet Caroline Hi, I'm Caroline. I am a busy mum of 4 kids, ranging from age 8 years down to 5 weeks.  I’ve been a keen athlete for many years with various age group Australian and State titles (spanning sprint, Olympic and long course distance triathlons and duathlons). My last competitive race was the Duathlon [...]

“It helped ease aches and pains and contributed to a quick recovery post-birth”

Meet Sarah I am 38 years old. I live and work in Sydney. I enjoy travel, yoga and reading, particularly biographies and mysteries. I am ritualistic about my morning walk & meditation.  They ground me. And I’ve just had my first baby as of January 2018. Prior to pregnancy, I completed the level 1 and [...]

“I can fit into clothes I couldn’t even consider before my pregnancy”

Meet Nicky Hi, I’m Nicky. I’m wife to my British hubby and mummy to 3 boys aged 6, 3 and 4 months. I live in Sydney, Australia, and am currently on maternity leave from my job in disability. I’m also a photographer and love to capture everyday moments of families so they have them to [...]

“I instantly fell in love with the BBB program – and I’ve lost 12kg!”

Meet Marnie My name is Marnie and I’m a 36 year old mum. I have three boys, Leo 4, Fynn 22 months and Kai 9 months. Yep, you did the maths right – that’s three under four with the last baby. My first two bubbas were IVF. When Fynn was 4 months old, I found out I was [...]

“The BBB program makes you strong”

Meet Dale My name is Dale and I have done the Level 3 Body Beyond Birth program several times.  Why do I keep coming back for more? I absolutely love it.  That’s why! I was first attracted to the Body Beyond Birth program because of its credentials. Becky Dyer is an experienced physiotherapist. More specifically, a [...]

“Your BBB program has been the most helpful post-baby exercise I’ve done”

Meet Beth Let me start by saying I really LOVE your program. Your Body Beyond Birth program has been the most helpful post-baby exercise I’ve done since having my daughter in 2013. I heard about Body Beyond Birth from another mummy friend of mine. She had started doing the videos and I was looking for something [...]

“I think the BBB program as a whole is just great!”

Meet Barbara I’m a mother of a 4 year-old girl. I’m married and live with my husband and daughter in the south of Germany. I work as a pharmacist in the pharmaceutical industry in a full time position. My husband is about to start his own business as an optician. But even with busy lives, [...]

“I found that with the workouts being just 20 minutes long, I could do it!”

Meet Anna Hi, I’m Anna. I’m 38 and have two children, a boy aged six and a girl aged two. This year I’ve been busy learning the ropes of having a school-aged child and caring for my toddler. I also work in research in child language development and children’s literacy. And I am part of an amateur musical theatre group. [...]

“BBB is not just a workout & fitness program – it helps you gain confidence when you need it most”

Meet Adele Hi, I’m Adele. My birth wasn’t the smoothest and I felt quite “beaten up” once I got home. I relied heavily on my abdominal binder. I kept wearing it every day and felt I couldn’t even walk without it. I had to take breaks when I walked to the shops or was out [...]

Member Love

"I am beyond blessed to not only have done the BBB program and loved it, but to have fallen in love with both Becky Dyer and Jackie Steele as well… it was wonderful to do in the comfort of my pjs with dishes left around knowing I was making small daily improvements towards a stronger core and also great for my mental attitude!”

Elka – Dual Olympian, Motivational Speaker & mother of 4

"I have done the Body Beyond Birth program several times.  Why do I keep coming back for more? I absolutely love it.  That’s why! I was first attracted to the Body Beyond Birth program because of its credentials. Becky Dyer is an experienced physiotherapist. More specifically, a pelvic floor expert.  She has both the skills and the qualifications."


"When everyone was joining baby boot camps I felt I was in no shape to be even walking or getting up from sitting on the floor! I think Jackie and Becky have created not just a workout and fitness program for new mums – but a program to gain confidence in your body at a time when you feel like it’s taken away from you.”


Hey girl, we're
Becky and Jackie.

Best-friends, mums, a physiotherapist, certified Pilates instructor and co-founders of Body Beyond Birth, an online wellness studio for mums and mums-to-be.

We’re here for you.

At Body Beyond Birth, we blend 35 years of combined Pilates experience and Becky’s expertise as a practicing women’s health physiotherapist (helping thousands of women just like you build healthy, strong bodies) with Pilates, nutritional guidance, meditation coaching and yoga instruction to offer holistic online fitness programs that are safe, easy and backed by research and expertise you can trust.

Basically, they’re everything you need to reclaim and rebuild your body beyond birth.

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