Welcome to the official Body Beyond Birth FAQ. Here you’ll find all the wonderful answers to the questions you seek about pregnancy and post birth exercise.

Body Beyond Birth is a Pilates based exercise program you can do anywhere you have access to the internet. Body Beyond Birth has been designed by a physiotherapist and two qualified Pilates instructors with the pregnancy and post birth body in mind. That means the exercises you receive are safe, effective and based on the science of movement.

At Body Beyond Birth, we saw a genuine need for pregnancy and post birth exercise based on medical research and Physiotherapist advice. We also knew that as busy Mums ourselves, it was often difficult to carve out the time to go to the gym or attend a class. And we heard from many women who felt self conscious about their post birth body. So we developed Body Beyond Birth to give women a medically safe exercise program and to feel good about exercising during pregnancy. We give advice on common complaints during pregnancy such as low back pain, pelvic floor issues and abdominal separations and give you the exercise you need to avoid these issues.

We’ve created Body Beyond Birth to fit into your busy lifestyle. We know Mums find it difficult to grab that essential ‘me time’ often required by other exercise plans. Even finding the time to drive across town, let alone attend class, can be a challenge. That’s why each Body Beyond Birth program is available anywhere you can get internet access. Use it on your Smartphone, tablet or PC in the privacy of your own home, during lunch at the office or on the go.

On Body Beyond Birth, exercise and diet go together like Bert and Ernie! That’s why we’ve enlisted the talents of an amazing dietician and created a bunch of tasty, healthy and quick recipes for you. You don’t have to settle for boring, unappealing meals and snacks. And you don’t have to set aside a massive slab of time to make them work. Each recipe is family friendly as well, so there’s no more double cooking.

The answer is a resounding yes! Body Beyond Birth has been specifically designed for women by women with our bodies in mind. With a special focus on the mothering body, our program is perfect for you. No matter if you’ve had a baby 6 weeks ago, 6 months or 6 years ago, Body Beyond Birth is for you!

Yes! While we talk a lot about pregnancy or your body in relation to post birth exercise, our program works with all kinds of female bodies. Body Beyond Birth will help you strengthen, lengthen and chisel your body creating a happier, healthier and stronger you. That’s why Body Beyond Birth is the perfect exercise program to begin before you have children. You can build up muscle memory and start your exercise routine so that when you do fall pregnant, your body is strong and healthy for bub.

We have a new program especially designed for the pregnant mother in mind – Body Before Birth. You can exercise with our pregnancy program, safe in the knowledge you and bub are completely safe. Want to find out more? Check out the ins and outs of our pregnancy exercise program now.

We recommend you start the Body Beyond Birth program at least six weeks after giving birth. Please get approval from your Doctor before commencing any exercise plan.

Pilates is a fantastic form of exercise. It focuses on using your body’s natural resistance and strength to tone, stretch and strengthen your muscles. If you’ve tried Yoga or Tai Chi, you will find many similarities.

Pilates is designed to help you grow to love exercise by taking natural movement to great new heights. But we also know the best way for you to experience Pilates for yourself is to try it!

That’s why we offer a completely FREE 7 day trial of Body Beyond Birth.

Why not register for your trial today?

You can register for your free 7 day trial of Body Beyond Birth with your name, email address and some basic details. From here, you pick the level that most represents your fitness level and you’re up and running!

We don’t require credit card or other payment information. And we only get your email address to send you each day of the trial program. So choosing to continue to a full Body Beyond Birth member is entirely up to you. There are no lock in contracts or surprises here!

At Body Beyond Birth, we know it can be difficult to work out what kind of program suits your needs best. That’s why we’ve made it as easy as sending us an email. We may ask some simple questions to find out a little about you and your fitness and experience level. But don’t worry, we’re super friendly and only want to help you make the right decision.

Let Us Help You Choose Your Level.

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Your fitness journey doesn’t have to end with your program! We’d love you to keep working out with us and to stay on the Body Beyond Birth program. To help support you in doing this, we have a returning member special.

$50 off your next program

If you sign-up again at the end of your current program, we’ll give you $50 off the full membership price for your next program. That’s a saving of over 30%! That way, you can continue your fitness journey and save some cash in the process.

Unfortunately you can’t claim for the cost of the program through your private health insurance yet. We do have plans to change this in the future, so check back for updates. If you would like to save money on our programs, we also recommend keeping your eye out for any sales via our newsletter.

We also offer Body Beyond Birth in instalments. You can find out all about the Body Beyond Birth prices and choose your program level here.

Yes! You can take Body Beyond Birth with you on any smart device or computer that has an internet connection. So no more missing out on regular exercise routines or losing your way when you’re on holidays/vacation or overseas for work.

We’ve designed our Body Beyond Birth memberships to help you exercise, stay fit and eat well. And remain curious, inspired and encouraged about what lays ahead. We do this by providing great Pilates exercises mixed in with Yoga and fun fitness exercises. Plus we offer a great selection of recipes and nutritional advice that’s growing regularly.

Here’s the breakdown of what you receive when you join Body Beyond Birth:

  • a new Pilates based exercise video every week (a total of 12 new videos)

  • a new yoga video every other week (a total of 6 videos)

  • expert tutorials/advice from our physiotherapist, a women’s health expert with over 20 years experience

  • expert tutorials/advice from our Accredited Practicing Dietician and Nutritionist with over 12 years experience

  • articles/resources/tools developed by our Accredited Practicing Dietician to assist with your nutrition

  • delicious, nutritious recipes created for Body Beyond Birth by our wholefoods expert

  • meditation videos to help you calm and relax (3 videos)

  • regular fun everyday fitness challenges such as walks and other movement exercises

You receive access to all this amazing content for 14 weeks. And can take advantage of a $50 discount off the full membership price on future Body Beyond Birth programs.

Plus, you can become a lifetime member of the supportive, proactive Body Beyond Birth community. You can meet and draw on the wisdom and experience of other members online. No matter if that’s exercise, diet or parenting related!

Unfortunately, we only offer the trial membership once. To get the full benefit of the program, it needs to finish within those 7 days. That’s why we recommend you taking advantage of the free trial offer when you are prepared to make the most of it.

Yes. We understand that life can and will get in the way of best intentions. Especially when you’re a new Mum! Email us to let us know you’d like to pause your program at hello @

Yes! As we like to say, friends who exercise together, stay together. You can introduce as many of your friends to our program as you like. We’re setting up a great refer-a-friend program to reward members like you who are championing Body Beyond Birth. Stay tuned for details or give us a shout at hello @ so we have you on our radar!

Look at you and your lovely idea! We love it when women, partners and friends want to help encourage Mums to take time out for themselves. We’d suggest encouraging them to take advantage of the 7 day trial first. That way, your lucky gift recipient will understand a little bit about the program. Once they have tried out Body Beyond Birth, you can purchase them a new membership by heading to our payment page and gifting it to them. Simply follow the prompts.

We love the cut of your jib there sailor! There are a couple of ways you can save money on the Body Beyond Birth program.

You can watch out for promotions and on the spot sales. You can also take advantage of our 7 day free trial.

AND with your 2nd purchase of any BBB program, you receive $50 off. This means you can renew Levels 1, 2 and 3 before they expire at $50 off. Or you can transition from the pregnancy program to one of our post pregnancy programs and take advantage of the $50 discount. Or you can level up quicker than Donkey Kong by taking $50 off the next levels you choose to do!

All you have to do is renew before your existing program expires. Simple!

We do have a range of exercises where you may choose to use hand weights or a resistance band. However, if you haven’t had time to get to the store to buy handweights you can just use a full 600ml water bottle instead. Apart from this all you need is an internet connection, some comfy shoes and an exercise mat or towel. Oh, and our Body Beyond Birth program of course!

Yes! One of the many reasons we designed Body Beyond Birth is to help your post pregnancy body heal. So we’ve designed exercises that encourage healing of your pelvic floor and the general healing of your baby bearing body in a sensitive way. In fact, many of our Body Beyond Birth members choose our exercise program because it has your post pregnancy needs in mind.

We have designed our program to help you overcome many common post pregnancy problems. Our programs help with everything from a bruised pelvic floor to losing tummy fat and loss of muscle tone. Or poor posture and a bad back from carrying bigger boobs and a baby. You’ll find a lot of what we do at Body Beyond Birth is all about the post pregnancy exercise facilitating the road to recovery!

Different disabilities influence our movement in different ways. With a trained physiotherapist on board, we can let you know if our program is right for you with a few questions and answers. Email us at hello @ to discuss your specific needs and we’ll see what we can do.

Absolutely! We want to help as many women as possible to get stronger, feel fitter and reap the rewards.

If you’d like to talk to us,
please contact us with your ideas.

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First things first, make sure your internet connection is stable. If you’ve eliminated that as the cause, it may be time to look at your chosen device. Viewing the videos in full HD may cause issues on some devices as they may not have full HD capabilities and/or have software that is not as up to date as it needs to be to support it. If you find the videos stopping or taking some time to load, try selecting a lower resolution for screening. (You shouldn’t notice a difference when you’re viewing it.) To do this, when you bring up a video, you’ll notice down in the bottom right hand corner there is a “HD” symbol (see below). Click on that and you can select to view the video at a lower resolution.

Pregnancy Exercise Program FAQs

Yes!  We’ve specifically designed a 12 lesson pregnancy exercise program to help you – Body Before Birth. It is still Pilates based and is physiotherapist designed to improve core abdominal strength and increase pelvic stability. You can access it from any smart device (so smart phone, tablet or computer) that has an internet connection. You can use our pregnancy program safely and easily. And at a time of your choosing throughout the 26 weeks of your pregnancy where exercise is permitted

We recommend that you consult your healthcare provider before commencing a new exercise program. Women who have been exercising prior to pregnancy may continue their exercise regimens throughout pregnancy using the guidelines outlined below.

As per the Clinical Practice guideline “Exercise In Pregnancy and the Postpartum Period” approved by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada and the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology, please refer to the below table:

Contraindications to Exercise in Pregnancy

Absolute Contraindications
– Ruptured membranes
– Preterm labour
– Hypertensive disorders of pregnancy
– Incompetent cervix
– Growth restricted fetus
– High order multiple gestation (< triplets)
– Placenta previa after 28th week
– Persistent 2nd or 3rd trimester bleeding
– Uncontrolled type 1 diabetes, thyroid disease, or other serious cardiovascular, respiratory, or systemic disorder

Relative Contraindications
– Previous spontaneous abortion
– Previous preterm birth
– Mild/moderate cardiovascular disorder
– Anaemia (Hb – Malnutrition or eating disorder
– Twin pregnancy after 28th week
– Other significant medical conditions

Of course you can! We know that not all pregnancies are the same. We recommend you check your suitability for our pregnancy program before you buy. Especially if you have a history of miscarriage, hypertension and have used IVF to conceive. Or if you have some kind of physical disability or injury.

Our founders, Jackie and Becky, are happy to consult with you and/or your OB GYN so you can make an informed decision. And so we can help you get the help you need. Email us via hello @ to discuss your particular needs.