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If you’re looking for a pregnancy & postnatal online Pilates exercise program that can fit around a mother’s busy schedule, you’ve come to the right place!

Body Beyond Birth is a pregnancy & postnatal online Pilates exercise program with nutrition advice, tips and healthy tricks to fit your lifestyle.

We’ve brought together the very best advice and know-how from Physiotherapy, Pilates and dietician-based nutritional advice to create an exercise program women love.  Our program is designed to help you stay fit and healthy during pregnancy while helping heal your body post-birth. All with your busy lifestyle in mind.

Body Beyond Birth's Jackie & Becky with Elka Whalan


  • Stay injury-free with our physiotherapist designed workouts

  • Discover the joy of Pilates & Yoga for your body, mind and soul

  • Build strength, lose weight and enjoy vitality and energy every day

  • Learn at your pace & in your spare time from a team that understands

Orange, Cabbage, Pomegranate & Mint salad


  • Choose from a range of delicious recipes designed to tempt the whole family

  • Forget the diet rulebooks and build a happy, healthy relationship with food

  • Eat your way to healthy weight loss and a fitter, more energised you

  • Take advantage of expert advice from our in-house Wholefoods cook and dietician


Expert Advice

  • Draw from the knowledge of an experienced and qualified team

  • Make use of Becky’s 20+ years of professional experience as a Women’s Health Physiotherapist

  • Take advantage of Meg’s 10+ years experience in nutrition as an Accredited Practicing Dietician

  • Take advantage of Becky and Jackie’s wealth of expertise in exercise as certified Pilates instructors

Flexibility to suit a busy mum…

  • No waiting for the next intake. We’re ready to start your Body Beyond Birth journey when you are

  • Exercise when and where you want. You can connect to Body Beyond Birth anywhere you have Internet

  • Small commitments that make big impacts. It’s only 20 minutes a day to achieve a stronger, healthier you

  • Catch the tips, tricks and behind the scenes action at the official BBB blog!

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    We care about you and your health is our priority. Always consult a health professional and seek medical attention if you have questions about your medical condition.
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