Redefining your baby body

Online Pilates-based wellness programs created by an expert women’s health physio.

What if there was a way to lovingly support your body through pregnancy, birth and beyond?

A way to safely build your health and fitness … without sacrificing time, results (or your secret chocolate stash)?

We're Body Beyond Birth: An online
holistic wellness studio.

Just 20-minutes a day to build your baby bod-ay

Start when you’re ready

You don’t have to wait for the next intake. We’re ready to start your Body Beyond Birth journey when you are.

No equipment required!

The only things you need to get started are an internet connection and your beautiful self.

When and where you want it

We’re on demand, gorgeous. You can connect to your program anywhere you have internet and voila – wellness at your fingertips!

We help mums and mums-to-be build healthy, strong and fit bodies that carry them through their busy lives with grace, ease and confidence.

Hey girl, we're
Becky and Jackie.

Best-friends, mums, a physiotherapist, certified Pilates instructor and co-founders of Body Beyond Birth, an online wellness studio for mums and mums-to-be.

We’re here for you.

At Body Beyond Birth, we blend 35 years of combined Pilates experience and Becky’s expertise as a practicing women’s health physiotherapist (helping thousands of women just like you build healthy, strong bodies) with Pilates, nutritional guidance, meditation coaching and yoga instruction to offer holistic online fitness programs that are safe, easy and backed by research and expertise you can trust.

Basically, they’re everything you need to reclaim and rebuild your body beyond birth.

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Online Pregnancy Pilates Exercise programs as unique as you are.

Love exercising? More of a ‘fitness is a swear word’ kind of girl? Or maybe you feel a jolt of panic every time you sneeze, just in case your bladder leaks? We hear you.

Our programs are designed to meet you where you are, so you can build a healthy, strong and fit body no matter your circumstances or fitness levels.

So, which BBB program suits you?

by leading obstetricians

The pregnancy

Perfect if: You’re looking to stay fit, healthy and active during your pregnancy.


Perfect if: You’re allergic to exercise but are ready to get fit and strong post-baby.


Perfect if: You need a wee (pun intended) bit of help to rebuild and recover post-baby.


Perfect if: You want to complement your existing exercise with mum-specific exercises.

I am very pleased to support Body Beyond Birth, a sensible and accessible program for mothers (and maybe their obstetricians!).

"Becky and her team have developed a program that is achievable, evidence-based, safe and effective. Body Beyond Birth is an important and valuable resource for all mothers seeking to improve their physical and mental health through diet, exercise and connection with other mothers."

Dr Vijay Roach

The Pre-Bump Manual

Introducing Body Beyond Birth’s ultimate pre-pregnancy guide!

As a prequel to our online Pregnancy and Postnatal programs, we’ve written this eBook to guide new mums-to-be on how to prepare their minds, bodies and pantries for pregnancy.

Because, let’s be honest: Pregnancy isn’t all sunshine and glow!

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