… But kinda don’t know where to start with pre-paring
your mind, body, and pantry for pregnancy?

*beyond, you know, the obvious baby-making part. And, hey, you’ve got that bit covered. Rawr.


Endorsed by leading obstetricians

Introducing … your ultimate pre-pregnancy guide!

We’ve always felt like the gamut of mothering advice misses a vital part of the process.

There are heaps of guides on being a mother. Plentiful advice on parenting. And an abundance of manuals on being pregnant.

But by the time you’re pregnant, it’s too late. You’re in the middle of a typhoon with nary an umbrella in sight.

Yeah, nah. Bring on the pre-prenatal umbrellas, ponchos and boots – you’re ready to be as educated and prepared as possible for your future pregnancy.

Good news: You’re in the right place.


I am very pleased to support Body Beyond Birth, a sensible and accessible program for mothers (and maybe their obstetricians!).

"Becky and her team have developed a program that is achievable, evidence-based, safe and effective. Body Beyond Birth is an important and valuable resource for all mothers seeking to improve their physical and mental health through diet, exercise and connection with other mothers."

Dr Vijay Roach


The Pre-Bump Manual is

  • The perfect prequel to our online pregnancy and postnatal programs.
  • 60 + pages of educational wisdom you NEED to know before and during your pregnancy journey.
  • Written by mothers for mothers-to-be to get you even more excited about that future baby bun in the oven.
  • Created by an expert team made up of a physiotherapist, Pilates instructor, psychologist and nutritionist.
  • Everything we wished we’d known before our first pregnancy!

Real babes gettin’ real

"The idea of falling pregnant has always scared me a little. Okay, a LOT. This is my body – and lady parts! – we’re talking about. But after reading the Pre-Bump Manual, my fear has been downgraded to a very manageable 1/10. It’s like grabbing a hot chocolate with a super educated older sister who truly wants you to have as stress and problem-free pregnancy as possible."

Cassandra Lane

Consider the Pre-Bump Manual your guide on what to expect when you’re expecting to expect (… eventually), plus all-in-one superhero sidekick and fairy godmother for aspiring mamas-to-be. You’ll learn:

  • What really happens to your body when you’re pregnant (even the weird, gross bits).
  • Specific physiotherapy and Pilates exercises and movements that’ll strengthen, tone and prepare your body (and pelvis!) for pregnancy.
  • From our resident psychologist about taking care of your mental health and wellness as a mama-to-be.
  • Recipes and guidance on nurturing your nutrition with fertility-friendly foods.

The Pre-Bump Manual is Perfect For

  • Couples that have decided they’d like to have a baby (one day).
  • Babes (almost) ready to fall pregnant.
  • Women curious about pre-pregnancy and pregnancy.
  • Partners wanting to support their babes through pre-pregnancy and beyond.

The Pre-Bump Manual is also the perfect gift
for your baby-lovin’ sister/bestie/work wife!

A Sneak Peek
Inside the Manual

  • Ten super gross things they won’t tell you about pregnancy (but that we totes will).
  • Ten pregnancy hacks we wished we knew before we had babies.
  • Pre-pregnancy psychology for a calm mind and happy brain.
  • Pilates for aspiring mamas-to-be.
  • Pre-pregnancy physiotherapy and pelvic precautions for building a strong body.
  • Pre-pregnancy nutrition to nurture your body and health.
  • Your Body Beyond Birth.

We’re Becky and Jackie

We’re the women that proudly talk about stuff like bladder leakage and pelvic floor issues. (‘Cos, girl, there is nothing to be ashamed of.)

And we’re the coaches ready to help you build – and love – your body pre birth.

Because, let’s be honest: Pregnancy isn’t all sunshine and glow.

And in lieu of us being there beside you, guiding you through the stretches, exercises and tips that’ll support you in building a strong and healthy body for pregnancy, we’ve created this guide.


Real babes gettin’ real

“Wow!! Mind blown after reading the Pre-Bump Manual from you guys!! Not only was this THE most interesting prenatal info I’ve read but the descriptions were hilarious and I couldn’t stop reading. Thanks Body Beyond Birth for sharing this awesome insider info with people like me!”

Amy Harmon – Chicago, Illinois

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