It’s a customized exercise program for pregnant women

12 x 20 minute Pilates Pregnacy exercise videos

Physio advice tailored for pregnancy

Pregnancy Nutrition advice from our dietician

Wholefood family friendly recipes

Full access for 26 weeks

2 payment plans to choose between

Looking for pregnancy exercise?

Staying fit and active during your pregnancy can be a challenge. That’s why we invented the Body Beyond Birth Pregnancy Exercise program.


This is an exercise program for women by women. It’s designed by our resident Physiotherapist, Becky, and fellow Pilates instructor, Jackie. And it’s here to give you the pregnancy exercise support you need. The program aims to help you say fit and healthy during and just after your pregnancy with a range of safe, well-designed exercises.

Based on Pilates, our pregnancy exercise program helps you move, stretch and strengthen your body. The program is completely safe during and straight after your baby is born. And it’s designed to promote movement to support your back, abdominal muscles and pelvic floor.

And Body Beyond Birth is flexible and fits with even the busiest woman’s lifestyle. You can access the Body Beyond Birth Pregnancy Exercise program anywhere you have internet for your computer, tablet and smartphone.

Our pregnancy program is ideal for pregnant women who:

  • Want to remain fit, healthy and active during their pregnancy
  • Are experiencing discomfort and pain that can be alleviated through stretching and movement
  • Are looking for safe ways to strengthen your core muscles, back and abs
  • Wish to minimise pregnancy’s impact on joints, muscles and the bladder or pelvis
  • May be susceptible to abdominal separations, muscular tears and/or pelvic floor issues
  • Find exercise a good stress relief mechanism
  • Are seeking safe exercises to do while pregnant in a variety of different circumstances
  • Need an easy, portable exercise program you can access anywhere you have an internet connection

Receive all 12 lessons plus expert advice and access to the
Body Beyond Birth Pregnancy Program for 26 weeks.

As the name suggests, our pregnancy program is made for women who are pregnant. Our pregnancy program can help you stay fit and healthy or improve your fitness in time for bub to arrive.

Please note:
Please refer to our FAQ’s for guidance on when to start the BBB Pregnancy Program

We care about you and your health is our priority. Always consult a health professional and seek medical attention if you have questions about your medical condition. For more information read our terms and conditions here: BODY BEYOND BIRTH WEBSITE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF REGISTRATION