The safe Pilates-based exercise program made just for pregnant women

Designed by a physio and women’s health expert

Made by a women’s health physiotherapist and Pilates instructor (that have both totally been in your maternity pants!), this program has been designed just for you, gorgeous pregnant lady.

‘Cos we know that staying fit, strong and healthy during your pregnancy is so important … but can often feel like figuring out a puzzle in a minefield.

That’s why we’ve taken the stress out of figuring out your pregnancy fitness! Our program nourishes your body with safe, pregnancy-friendly exercises crafted to promote movement and support your back, abdominal muscles and pelvic floor. AKA the areas you need to move, strengthen and stretch during those precious pregnancy months.

From the first weeks of your pregnancy through to straight after your baby is born, you’ll feel safe knowing the BBB pregnancy program is completely safe to use and enjoy … and, bonus, as flexible as you’ll be! With short, sweet and easy to follow 20-minute sessions available online, you’ll be able to fit in your pregnancy fitness program no matter where you are and what you’ve got going on in your life.

A series of 12 physio instructed exercise and stretch videos





Psst. Did we mention there’s a BBB app?

by leading obstetricians

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$97 AUD

1 easy payment of $97 AUD

$33 AUD

3 x payments of $33 AUD

Includes access to the exclusive BBB app!

“I am beyond blessed to not only have done the BBB program and loved it, but to have fallen in love with both Becky Dyer and Jackie Steele as well… it was wonderful to do in the comfort of my pjs with dishes left around knowing I was making small daily improvements towards a stronger core and also great for my mental attitude!”

Elka – Dual Olympian, Motivational Speaker & mother of 4

“I have done the Body Beyond Birth program several times. Why do I keep coming back for more? I absolutely love it. That’s why!
I was first attracted to the Body Beyond Birth program because of its credentials. Becky Dyer is an experienced physiotherapist. More specifically, a pelvic floor expert. She has both the skills and the qualifications.”


“When everyone was joining baby boot camps I felt I was in no shape to be even walking or getting up from sitting on the floor! I think Jackie and Becky have created not just a workout and fitness program for new mums – but a program to gain confidence in your body at a time when you feel like it’s taken away from you.”


Hey girl, we're
Becky and Jackie.

Best-friends, mums, a physiotherapist, certified Pilates instructor and co-founders of Body Beyond Birth, an online wellness studio for mums and mums-to-be.

We’re here for you.

At Body Beyond Birth, we blend 35 years of combined Pilates experience and Becky’s expertise as a practicing women’s health physiotherapist (helping thousands of women just like you build healthy, strong bodies) with Pilates, nutritional guidance, meditation coaching and yoga instruction to offer holistic online fitness programs that are safe, easy and backed by research and expertise you can trust.

Basically, they’re everything you need to reclaim and rebuild your body beyond birth.

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Safely supporting you from bump to birth

Figuring out what to do and how to do it to stay fit, healthy and well during your
pregnancy used to be a problem … that is, until you found the BBB pregnancy program.

by leading obstetricians

Two convenient payment options

$97 AUD

1 easy payment of $97 AUD

$33 AUD

3 x payments of $33 AUD

Includes access to the exclusive BBB app!

Don’t know if the program is for you?

As the name suggests, our pregnancy program is made for women who are pregnant. Our pregnancy program can help you stay fit and healthy or improve your fitness in time for bub to arrive. We care about you and your health is our priority. Always consult a health professional and seek medical attention if you have questions about your medical condition. For more information read our terms and conditions here.