Our passion for health, fitness and motherhood led to creating the BBB program

Welcome to Body Beyond Birth, an online exercise program for busy mums

Making Body Beyond Birth work for mums was always our ultimate goal. We’re working mums who juggle school drop-offs, client meetings, family meals and the needs of small children, too. We’re definitely well versed in the challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while raising a family.

And we’re proud to say we’re living proof that it is possible. That’s why we want to use our journey to inspire women like you.

Our story is a meeting of two women who helped each other. And can help you to regain your fitness and your freedom as well.

We believe in you, this is your time, so lets do this! Get started by joining the Body Beyond Birth program today.

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Meet our Co-Founders: Jackie Steele and Becky Dyer

Jackie first met Becky, a trained Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor, when she was pregnant with twins. Jackie was suffering from back pain and was seeking a lasting, exercise-based and natural approach to her pain management. As a Pilates instructor, Jackie turned to Becky for her advice. Jackie was so impressed with Becky’s core strengthening exercises that she became a regular attendee of her classes.

After delivering her twins, Jackie had an 8cm abdominal separation. By using Becky’s advice and core strengthening exercises, Jackie was able to safely recover. The abdominal muscle separation is almost non-existent today, a testament to Becky and Jackie’s team work.

Why we invented Body Beyond Birth

Body Beyond Birth was our answer to the often competing priorities of a mother’s health and the time she has to care for her children. We continued to bond over our love of health and fitness – and our respective mothering journeys.

As we shared our passion, it became abundantly clear many women out there didn’t have access to the resources and knowledge we enjoyed. And we realised many women are foregoing their own health through a lack of time, proper information and practical support.

Such a beneficial approach to pre-natal and post-natal diet and exercise was lacking on the market. Or many mothers didn’t know where to start or how to find the time to make a change possible. Challenged by a lack of sleep and small windows of time, we saw the need for an exercise program for busy mums that were easy to follow, portable and encouraged small changes to make all the difference.

That’s when we decided to create Body Beyond Birth. We wanted to create an approach to health and fitness that worked with, not against, pregnancy and post-birth life. And we wanted to make it as fun, flexible and above all, useful, as possible.

Body Beyond Birth is here for any mum, regardless of your fitness level or your previous dieting and exercise experiences.

We hope you enjoy BBB as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it for you.


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