Meet Helen

Hi, I'm Helen.

I’m a mother of 3 kids, 1 boy and 2 girls. Four years ago we opted for a sea change and my husband and I now own and run a motel on the South Coast of NSW. I also umpire top level netball, both domestically and internationally.

I had my first child, Max in 2010 and then knew nothing about BBB. I knew nothing about ab separation and being an umpire and into keeping fit I kept powering on with my workouts throughout my first pregnancy, not realising what impact it could be having on my body.

“I love the variety of the videos and that most of the moves are completely different to my normal training.”

Before BBB

  • I had an ab separation after the birth of Max and did what was suggested by the hospital before getting back into exercising and returning to netball. At this stage I still knew nothing about BBB.
  • After the birth of my second child, Zoe in 2014 and returning to the netball court fairly quickly, I ended up with a few injuries which led me to seeing Becky at BBB. I had read a lot about the benefits of Pilates and I decided to give the online program a go. I loved it, I loved the follow along workouts and loved the yoga.
  • Fast forward a couple of years and I fell pregnant with my third child. This time being armed with the information on what to do and what not to do, I looked after my body a lot better. I enrolled in the online pregnancy workouts and generally whilst in my pjs first thing in the morning completed the workouts.

After BBB

  • The information videos were great and I learnt so much about all the mistakes I had made in both of my pregnancies and all the mistakes I had been making in my training post having my second child.
  • When I was travelling for netball I would do the yoga videos in my hotel room prior to my game, it was a great way to relax before I umpired.
  • When I first enrolled it was winter and I really love the Cauliflower Soup and having as I have a sweet tooth I also love the alternative healthy options, like the protein balls.
  • I love the variety of the videos and that most of the moves are completely different to my normal training.
  • As the weeks go by you feel stronger and it is really satisfying getting the workouts done. The fact you can really do it anywhere and they aren’t very long also makes it simple to get them done.
  • Tip: Take time out of your busy Mum schedule to do something for you, try and eat healthy but don’t beat yourself up when everything doesn’t quite go to plan, just get back on the wagon and keep going. Getting your family involved in a bit of exercise is also a great way to kick your fitness goals.

Online Pilates program as unique as you are.

Love exercising? More of a ‘fitness is a swear word’ kind of girl? Or maybe you feel a
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The pregnancy

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