Meet Barbara

I’m a mother of a 4 year-old girl. I’m married and live with my husband and daughter in the south of Germany.

I work as a pharmacist in the pharmaceutical industry in a full time position. My husband is about to start his own business as an optician.

But even with busy lives, we love to be outdoors and enjoy every season. In summer we go hiking, bike riding or swimming. In winter we go skiing and enjoy the snow. My daughter just started skiing this winter and has lots of fun.

I found out about Body Beyond Birth a few months ago. A friend introduced me to the program.

“I think the BBB program as a whole is just great!””

Before BBB

  • When I looked into the program I felt that it really suited my needs.
  • I can exercise whenever it suits me, the workout routines only take about 20 minutes of my day.
  • I can do it outdoors or indoors (this is especially important during the German winters).

After BBB

  • I enjoy Becky’s mini circuits. They are short, but really effective.
  • I think the Body Beyond Birth program as a whole is just great.
  • Favourite BBB recipe: I like the salads a lot. And I love the Lactation Protein Balls. Despite the name, they are a great, healthy and yummy snack for anytime!
  • It’s great to get back into a routine of exercising.
  • Your body feels so much better when you get moving. It’s best to combine healthy food and exercise.
  • It feels so natural and works well. Just the right thing to do!

Online Pilates program as unique as you are.

Love exercising? More of a ‘fitness is a swear word’ kind of girl? Or maybe you feel a
jolt of panic every time you sneeze, just in case your bladder leaks? We hear you.

Our programs are designed to meet you where you are, so you can build a healthy,
strong and fit body no matter your circumstances or fitness levels.

So, which BBB program suits you

Online Pilates program endorsed
by leading Obstetricians

The pregnancy

Perfect if: You’re looking to stay fit, healthy and active during your pregnancy.


Perfect if: You’re allergic to exercise but are ready to get fit and strong post-baby.


Perfect if: You need a wee (pun intended) bit of help to rebuild and recover post-baby.


Perfect if: You want to complement your existing exercise with mum-specific exercises.