Meet Anna

Hi, I’m Anna. I’m 38 and have two children, a boy aged six and a girl aged two. This year
I’ve been busy learning the ropes of having a school-aged child and caring for my
toddler. I also work in research in child language development and children’s
literacy. And I am part of an amateur musical theatre group.

I am what you could safely call a bookish person, and rather non-sporty… but I dig BBB!

“I found that with the workouts being just 20 minutes long, I could do it!”

Before BBB

  • A year after my daughter was born I wanted to get into more regular exercise. But I found the prospect of trying to get to a physical class every week daunting. Body Beyond Birth sounded like it could work for me.
  • I was doubtful whether I would actually do the workouts on my own at home.
  • For me, the goal was not so much weight loss. I wanted to feel stronger and have more energy so I could cope better with all my mummy duties.
  • I knew my pelvic floor was not in good shape!

After BBB

  • I found that with the workouts being just 20 minutes long, I could do it!
  • I found that even if I got to 8pm after finally getting the kids to bed, I could still summon the mental strength to get out my mat and “just do 20 more minutes”. When I all I really wanted to do was collapse on the couch, 20 minutes felt do-able.
  • I was so into it that my husband gave me weights for Christmas so I could finally stop using cans of tomatoes.
  • It had definitely worked. I knew I could do exercises I hadn’t been able to do at the beginning of the program. I could also do the yoga videos that I had found near to impossible at the beginning!
  • I like that my kids see me doing the program. I’m setting a good example for them. They like to come over on the mat or next to me and do their Pilates moves, too.
  • My favourite recipe tip was to try almond milk in my morning porridge. So simple, but I would never have thought of it on my own! Yum. I think I might try coconut milk too.
  • My favourite Body Beyond Birth exercise is the Hindu squat. I love the control over your body when you manage them. You feel so powerful and strong.

Online Pilates program as unique as you are.

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