Meet Sophie

Hi, I'm Sophie.

My name is Sophie I’m 29. I’m from Sydney originally and moved to the central west of NSW 6 years ago where I met my husband, Will. He’s a farmer and I am a nurse and we got married in 2018. I’m currently studying my Masters in Public health specializing in prevention of chronic disease (a real passion of mine).

When I became pregnant it was the beginning of COVID and unfortunately gyms started to close when I was about 9 weeks pregnant and I live out of town so I felt quite isolated (I was working at home as well).

I knew I wanted to do pregnancy Pilates as I wanted to keep active but nothing too strenuous. Again, given COVID face to face classes were stopped. I was on Facebook and BBB popped up and I signed up. The best decision I made.

“Signing up to BBB was the best decision I made!”

Before BBB

  • Prior to BBB I have always been very active. I love tennis, walking and was having personal training twice a week to maximize my strength.
  • I have a love/hate relationship with high intensity interval training haha I feel so good after it but those burpees are horrible.

After BBB

  • I kept active daily and was able to choose when I wanted to do the workouts which was great. This helped me in many ways - improve my pelvic floor which is so important post natural delivery, keeping active, staying positive and overall having a healthy pregnancy. All the information, videos and nutritional advice was so beneficial.
  • Favourite exercise? Such a hard one as they were ALL so good! The ones for my back using a band in particular were great and I still do them post birth to help with my posture. My advice is to drink plenty of water and rest when needed - don’t over-do it.
  • My favourite recipe were the chocolate cookies as I had such a sweet tooth during this pregnancy and this was a much healthier option than a chocolate bar.
  • My last bit of advice is limit social media as I found myself becoming addicted and comparing my pregnancy and body to others which had a negative effect on me. I gained a healthy amount of weight but got some serious stretch marks which at first I was ashamed about. Looking at them now I’m in awe of my body and what it’s capable of. Doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

Online Pilates program as unique as you are.

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The pregnancy

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