Meet Annalies

Hi, I'm Annalies.

Hi, I just wanted to share my story since starting Body Beyond Birth!

I had my first son almost four years ago now. While I didn’t snap back to my pre-baby body immediately, the weight did definitely come off fairly easily, so I never felt the need to do much about it. Regular walks with the pram seemed to be enough to do the trick.

After my second son was born, however, the weight didn’t fall off again, and because (maybe 🤷‍♀️) he hasn’t slept well, I had very little energy to do anything about it.  I was exhausted and not exercising and not eating terribly well either. After 5 months I was still wearing my maternity clothes every day, and dreaded having to go anywhere that required me to wear something other than track pants! I was self conscious about my body – I was one person who benefited from being in lockdown in Melbourne because I didn’t have to see anybody!

I knew I had to do something about it, and came across Body Beyond Birth on social media.

Online classes were the best option for me because I knew I wouldn’t be able to fit in face-to-face classes around nap times. Plus we were in lockdown so it wasn’t an option anyway! Also I liked that the classes were short & sweet, so I wouldn’t waste an entire nap time doing exercise – I could do a class and possibly even shower too! So I signed up and thought it couldn’t hurt to give it a go.

Just getting into a bit of a routine and incorporating exercise into my days has helped me mentally, and after doing the Level one program my tummy (my biggest problem area) has reduced considerably. I still have some separation and I’m not yet back to my pre baby body. But I am gradually squeezing back into my pre baby clothes and am almost ALMOST back into my jeans!!

Level 1 was great for me as someone out of shape and wanting to ease back into exercise!

Strangely, I really like the clam series of exercises because I can really feel it in my glutes – so I get excited that it must be doing something!!

I have loved all the workouts because they all mix it up and there are so many different exercises I never get bored.

“After doing the Level one program my tummy (my biggest problem area) has reduced considerably…”

Before BBB

  • Had very little energy to exercise
  • Wasn’t eating terribly well
  • Was still wearing my maternity clothes every day (even 5 months postpartum)
  • Dreaded having to go anywhere that required me to wear something other than track pants

After BBB

  • Loved that the classes were short and sweet – I could fit in a class and maybe even a shower during nap time
  • Established a routine to incorporate exercise into my days
  • Helped me mentally
  • My tummy (my biggest problem area) has reduced considerably
  • Almost back into by pre-baby jeans!

Online Pilates program as unique as you are.

Love exercising? More of a ‘fitness is a swear word’ kind of girl? Or maybe you feel a
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Our programs are designed to meet you where you are, so you can build a healthy,
strong and fit body no matter your circumstances or fitness levels.

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The pregnancy

Perfect if: You’re looking to stay fit, healthy and active during your pregnancy.



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Perfect if: You need a wee (pun intended) bit of help to rebuild and recover post-baby.



Perfect if: You want to complement your existing exercise with mum-specific exercises.