Four things we wish we’d been told about staying fit during pregnancy

We know firsthand that it’s totally tempting to activate sloth mode when you’re pregnant. You’re growing a baby … Isn’t that, like, enough hard work? Ha, just kidding. Everyone knows that maintaining your fitness during pregnancy is vital. (But if you’re new here and were kind of hoping for a permission slip to sloth it […]

Five Mantras to Repeat During Pregnancy

You’ve probably heard that about the power of positive thinking, right? Not in a woo-woo-manifestation way (but go for it, if that’s your thing!), but more in a building-vital-neural-pathways way. Psychologists state that the things we repeat to ourselves (both internally and verbally) become beliefs. And those beliefs, in a multitude of ways, impact our […]

These are the Pilates exercises you should avoid if you’re pregnant

Here at Body Beyond Birth, we’re allllll about helping you build a strong, healthy and physically capable body before and after birth. And our go-to BFF for doing just that will always be physiotherapy and Pilates-based exercises. (Can we hear a ‘whoop whoop!”) BUT – not all Pilates exercise are suitable for every stage of […]