The BEST Pilates workout you can do – without leaving home!

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Booty Lunge Exercise At Home

Ahh, remember the days when leaving the house didn’t feel ambitious?

Now that you’ve got your sweet lil bub, getting out isn’t quite as easy to pull off as it was before. That quick pop over to the store for some essentials now takes about three hours, right? And that’s just the prep.

And while emerging into civilisation might take hours, your workout doesn’t have to.

We’ve got three exercises for mums to do in just three tiny minutes that will leave your heart seriously pounding.

Grab a stopwatch, and let’s go, girl!

Quadruped Plank: 60 seconds

Quadruped Plank Exercise At Home

Sink onto your hands and knees on your exercise mat. Put a slight arch in your lower back, but keep your chest open and your neck Audrey Hepburn long.

Exhale, engage your deep abdominals, and lift your knees one or two cm off the floor.
Keep hovering for 60 seconds.

Sound easy? Give it a try – it gets our hearts pounding!

Feel free to downgrade this one into 30- or 10-second increments. Ladies, got you this.

Single Leg Booty Squat: 10 reps each leg

Booty Lunge Exercise At Home

For this one, babe, proper form is *essential*, so pay attention!

Put your feet into a lunge position, but just barely float your back foot on the ground like a feather.

With hands on your lovely hips, shift your weight to your front heel and sink down at the hips (stick that booty out a bit!). Be certain your front knee stays behind your toe.

You should feel all of the burn in the booty of your front leg–if not, adjust and try again.

Rise up and repeat for 10 on each leg.

Swimmer: 60 seconds

Swimmer Exercise At Home

Ok we, admit it – we kinda hate this one. But in a good way! You know, the ugly-grimace-oh-god-I’ll-be-so-fit-after-this sorta way.

Sold? Let’s try it!

Lie belly down (aren’t you glad you can do that again??) with arms stretched out in front of you. Imagine you’re Superwoman – ‘cause you are.

Engage your deep abdominals and then lift your beautiful head, arms, and legs a couple centimeters all at once.

Now imagine you’re Scuba Steve in the bathtub – so move your arms and legs alternately, like a swimmer. But you’re not underwater, so don’t hold your breath, hon!

Inhale for five, exhale for five.

Get in your 60 seconds, and you’re done (you’ll probably feel that way, too!).

Now, how does it feel to be a boss?

You’ve just torched your core, glutes, quads, back extenders, and obliques in just THREE MINUTES, you wicked thing!

And the best part? The afterburn will last about as long as it takes you to finally get out the door for that errand.

Got some great quick moves to share?

Don’t leave the rest of us out! Leave a comment and share your favorite 60 second moves.