Four things we wish we’d been told about staying fit during pregnancy

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We know firsthand that it’s totally tempting to activate sloth mode when you’re pregnant.

You’re growing a baby … Isn’t that, like, enough hard work?

Ha, just kidding.

Everyone knows that maintaining your fitness during pregnancy is vital.

(But if you’re new here and were kind of hoping for a permission slip to sloth it up, we’re sorry to be the bearers of exercise.)

Exercising regularly is worth it though, we promise.

Regular exercise during pregnancy can:

  • Relieve stress (hurrah!)
  • Build the stamina needed for labour and delivery.
  • Reduce aches and pains like backaches (with the right exercises).
  • Decrease fatigue.
  • Improve your posture.
  • Make you feel really, really good about yourself.

But before you sign up for that half-marathon, there are a few things you should know about staying fit during pregnancy.

Four things to consider when exercising during pregnancy

You’ll need to tame your ta-ta’s.

Moving, let alone exercising, with breasts that feel like they weigh a tonne can be painful. So before you start your workout, make sure you strap those babies in properly, otherwise you risk damaging the tissue around the breast and creating stretch marks.

Ditch the thongs and wear sneakers instead.

We know, we know. Sliding on a pair of flip-flops is so much more appealing than cramming your swollen hooves into tight sneakers. Besides, you’d think that all that fresh air and freedom would be good for your poor feet, right?

BUT … sneakers or joggers are actually way better for your pregnant footsies. Not only do they offer great support, but it also helps contain your feet and prevent them from becoming puffy foot fish.

Reality will be twisted.

Okay, so as your pregnancy progresses, you’re going to feel like you’ve completed a marathon … when in reality, you’ve just walked down to the corner store.

It’s normal. Your body is busy doing crazy complicated baby-building stuff. The strain is real. So the things that used to be a breeze, like dashing up a set of stairs, will be way tougher on you.

Be patient, be gentle with yourself and remember that this won’t last forever.

A little goes a long way.

While you’re pregnant, it’s far better to do a little exercise regularly than a LOT of exercise less often.

So postpone that half-marathon and book in a 20-minute swim at your local pool. Fit in a few pregnancy-friendly strength exercises in ad breaks instead of blocking out two hours every week for the gym.

It all adds up, and consistency matters more than sporadic effort – trust us!

Want to stay healthy and fit with pregnancy-friendly exercises?

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