Five Mantras to Repeat During Pregnancy

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5 Mantras For Pregnancy

You’ve probably heard that about the power of positive thinking, right?

Not in a woo-woo-manifestation way (but go for it, if that’s your thing!), but more in a building-vital-neural-pathways way.

Psychologists state that the things we repeat to ourselves (both internally and verbally) become beliefs. And those beliefs, in a multitude of ways, impact our behaviour, actions and reality.

Now, we’re not saying that if you THINK you’ll have a bad pregnancy or birth that you WILL have a bad pregnancy or birth.

We totally get pregnancy anxiety. So don’t stress about your stress or worry about your worry.

But instead of allowing the negative thoughts to consume you, we’re offering another solution: Focus on something positive or affirmational instead.

And we’ve got just the thing.

… Actually, we’ve got five.

Five mantras to repeat during pregnancy

I am prepared for whatever birth my baby and body needs.”

Birth plans are great. But getting hung up on a vision of the ‘perfect’ birth (and then getting anxious/frustrated/worried when it doesn’t happen) isn’t great.

Because the truth is that you can’t control – or predict – exactly what will happen during birth.

Instead, focus on being prepared for whatever happens. No judgment.

“This too shall pass.”

There are a lot of uncomfortable and flat-out painful aspects to pregnancy and childbirth. And while it’s easy to focus on the in-the-moment discomfort, it’s reassuring to know that the pain you’re experiencing won’t last forever.

Like everything in life, it’s temporary.

It will, eventually, end. (Hurrah!)

 “Today is a good day, and I can do this.”

Forget the half-finished baby room, the demanding boss, the argument with your partner … there is positivity. It’s your job to find it and focus on it.

Whether it’s the sunshine trickling in through the window, the YouTube video that made you smile or the message from your bestie, find the gifts of goodness gracing your day.

And as for the other stuff? Pfft. Easy peasy. You’re (almost) a mother. You can handle anything.

“I am strong and powerful.”

There’s a reason why women are in charge of birthing: We are actual superheroes.

Not only did you grow an entire human being inside of you, like some kind of magical baby-making wizard, but you are about to deliver that baby out into the world like the fierce, powerful woman you are.

Yeah, it’s gonna hurt. A lot. But you are strong and powerful and you were made for this.

“My mind is as open as my body.”

When it comes to birthing, the last thing you want to feel is closed. A closed mind and a close body can equal complications.

Instead, you want your mind and body to be open. You want to feel relaxed (or, if not relaxed, then calm, ‘cause who is relaxed when they’re birthing?!) and adaptable, capable of handling whatever comes your way.

 What’s your favourite mantra to repeat during *those* pregnancy days?

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