Caroline’s story: Acing post natal exercise with BBB

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It’s great to have a truly inspiring showcase of what post natal exercise can do. Every member to BBB is truly inspiring. But Caroline takes that to a whole new level. Discover her story now!

Caroline’s Body Beyond Birth story

I am a busy mum of 4 kids, ranging from age 8 years down to 5 weeks.  I’ve been a keen athlete for many years with various age group Australian and State titles (spanning sprint, olympic and long course distance triathlons and duathlons).

Caroline - post natal exercise - Body Beyond birthMy last competitive race was the Duathlon Age Group World Championships this time last year (a hard day out in the heat where I was lucky enough to finish with a silver medal in my age group).  I knew heading into my first pregnancy that I wanted to be careful exercise-wise and was very conservative.  I halted my normal full swim, bike and run regime. I kept up some swimming and very gentle jogging for a little while. I also added some pregnancy specific exercises designed by physios that I thought would fit the bill.

Despite aiming to be healthy and changing my regime to lower impact, I now realise with my acquired knowledge that a lot of the exercises were inappropriate for pregnancy in many instances.  I ended up with Diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles). It took a long time to find an expert with the specific knowledge to recognise the condition along with the associated risks.  I was back racing competitively by then so really needed to keep it in check to avoid further damage.

Three more babies later and I feel like I’m well versed on dos and don’ts when it comes to pregnancy and exercise and what is appropriate and what to avoid.

When I saw the Body Beyond Birth program after the birth of my third daughter, I scrutinised it. I soon realised these guys had it right when it come to pre and post natal exercise .  The exercises are specifically tailored to mothers to be or new mothers and cater to different levels within those groups.

Jackie and Becky are very knowledgeable about these delicate stages of a mother’s life. They were spot on in terms of the knowledge I had gained and specific movements that I’d learnt were not appropriate.  Plus Becky and Jackie are so personable and contactable. I know they really put their full energy and care into the BBB community and the program.

It is the only pregnancy Pilates and physio program I feel like I can trust absolutely and I sure have done my research!

– Favourite Body Beyond Birth recipe


The choc-hazelnut spread in the snack section of the recipes is golden!  My kids lap it up. The best part being they lather it on their celery and carrot sticks and eat loads of them.


It makes for a fabulous afternoon tea, morning tea or dessert for them, either in a container neatly with the veggie sticks for out and about or when they get home. I love seeing them eat all those raw veggies. The kids view it as a fabulous afternoon treat.  WIN, WIN!


– Favourite parts of Body Beyond Birth?


Advice wise, the small commitment time-wise of the 20 minute sessions helps get it done when there isn’t enough time but you can still sneak a good session in. It’s at home – night or day.


When it comes to moves, I love the Hindu Squats that appear throughout the various programs – don’t ask me why!


Even if you don’t have time, just sneak in a short session and get it done!  Don’t forget about the even shorter little mini sessions for when you’re keen but really don’t have a 20 minute block.


I wish everyone all the best with your journey, whatever stage you’re at!  Enjoy those little baby munchkins and the BBB program together! I know I do.


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