The holistic Pilates-based fitness program that complements your active lifestyle

A series of 12 x 20-min postnatal-friendly exercise videos

Expert advice from a physio

Nutritional guidance from our dietician

Wholefood family-friendly recipes

Yoga and guided meditation videos

Full access for 18 weeks

The Goldilocks approach to post-natal fitness

Not too easy, not too hard. The ideal combination safe and challenging and a perfect fit to balance out your existing cardio. Ahh, the level two program … just right.

You’re not a gym junkie, but you’re not allergic to working out either. If you had to pinpoint it, your middle name would be ‘moderation’. And as a mum, you want to make sure you’re a positive role model for your kids while ensuring you feel strong, fit and healthy day in and day out.

Girl, we’ve got just the thing.

Created by our resident physiotherapist and Pilates instructor, the level two program is perfect for you if:

  • You’ve recently had a normal vaginal birth.
  • You’re an experienced mum with older children that wants a safe, yet challenging, Pilates-based program.
  • Your pelvic floor is okay, but sneezing makes you a little nervous.
  • You completed the BBB pregnancy program, or kept fit during your pregnancy.
  • You’ve been exercising a few times a week over the past three months.
  • You have some experience with Pilates.
  • You’ve got an abdominal separation that you’re treating and healing with correct core abdominal muscle activation.

You’ll feel safe knowing that the BBB level two program is completely safe to use and enjoy … and, bonus, as flexible as you’ll be! With short, sweet and easy to follow 20-minute sessions available online, you’ll be able to fit in your fitness no matter where you are and what you’ve got going on in your life.

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We get it. Choosing the right fitness program for you is so important. Which is why we’re happy to offer you a FREE seven-day trial of the level two program. It’s all yours, girl!

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