Members' Feedback


Members' Feedback

What our members are saying about our Pilates exercise programs.

Our members’ feedback and support is encouraging and continually helps us improve our site and our services.  If you’ve enjoyed a membership with Body Beyond Birth and would like to add your voice to our Members’ Testimonials, head over to our contact page and let us know, we’d love to hear from you.

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Thanks ladies! In the haze of those first few months of motherhood, signing up to BBB was the best decision I made! Having 24/7 online access to post-natal pilates, yoga and nutrition advice and being able to do it in the comfort of my own home at a time that suited me was so convenient. To be honest, it was probably the difference between me exercising and not and nowI am definitely seeing the benefits of investing that time in me, both physically and mentally. The program was challenging, but not overwhelming and was perfectly adapted for my post-natal bod. My obstetrician said you guys were good, and boy, he was right. Thanks!


I just love how Body Beyond Birth really nails the fundamentals of good health for busy mums like myself. The easy to navigate website takes you on a healthy lifestyle journey that is professional, safe and confidence building. Becky’s professional 20 – 30 minutes videos are awesome for sneaking in short and effective workouts that are specifically created for a mother’s body. It’s not a quick fix weight loss program, which are often unsustainable and can make you feel like a failure. The girls provide a platform to achieve long- term lifestyle changes, making you feel nurtured and empowered to take care of your health. I couldn’t rate it to all mums highly enough.

– Elka Whalan

Five days in I am excited to say that I have completed the workout session each day and even completed 2 cardio sessions. I have chosen to prioritise my physical and mental health so I can better care for myself and my family with a daily workout session. The needs of 3 children can certainly be demanding. I genuinely appreciate that real mums have developed this program to fit into real life – achievable goals which inspire me to do more, rather than feeling discouraged that I have already missed the target and fallen behind.

If I don’t have time to change into my exercise gear, I have even done the workout in my jeans and regular bra. I feel great that I have ticked that off for the day, rather that postponed the workout session until the next day.

I have so many competing lists and schedules in my life, so I appreciate the BBB nutritional ‘guides’ which are specific learning tools and encouraging for everyday life, rather than another overwhelming meal regime to impose over my regular activities and preparations. I appreciate that the goal for cardio sessions is 30 minute session several times per week rather than 6 x 60 minute sessions. Sure I can do more per day or per week. But the slow and steady approach also completes the race. Stronger and healthier is my goal, and while the transformation may take longer than 12 weeks, developing trends and habits as a part of real life are just as important as the goal.

– Natalie S.

I am very pleased to support Body Beyond Birth, a sensible and accessible program for mothers (and maybe their obstetricians!). Becky and her team have developed a program that is achievable, evidence-based, safe and effective. Body Beyond Birth is an important and valuable resource for all mothers seeking to improve their physical and mental health through diet, exercise and connection with other mothers.

Dr Vijay Roach | Obstetrician & Gynecologist
Chairman Gidget Foundation www.gidgetfoundation.com.au

I have been enjoying my BBB program, thank you! I feel stronger, have more energy, and everyone in the family from 1 year old to daddy loved the lamb and barley soup recipe

Anna D.

I’m really enjoying the Body Beyond Birth program so far! I haven’t done as much as I would have liked in terms of videos, but the program is definitely helping to keep me motivated (even if it’s just to resist that late night chocolate and move more) and I do feel stronger and fitter. Just read your ‘I don’t know how she does it post’ and see that you often started your ‘me’ time at 10 pm which has just motivated me more – thanks!


Body Beyond Birth definitely gave me back my confidence after having a baby. My birth wasn’t the smoothest and I felt quite “beaten up” once I got home. I relied heavily on my abdominal binder. I kept wearing it every day and felt I couldn’t even walk without it. I had to take breaks when I walked to the shops or was out and about all day, and would feel so uncomfortable about my stomach I would walk around holding it! I wasn’t very happy.

When everyone was joining baby boot camps I felt I was in no shape to be even walking or getting up from sitting on the floor! I was still rolling to get out of bed! I was paranoid about this separation and the pain I would feel.

But the first exercise I did was with BBB – safe in my own home with no one pressuring me or watching. And I felt great. I enjoyed your videos and stretches and yoga and it gave me the confidence back bit by bit to get moving. People have been commenting that I am looking healthier than I did for my wedding (which I worked out hard for! I ran on the beach every day for months for that! Haha) even jumped into a pair of jeans that were on there way out the door as I never thought they would fit me.

But I think you and Becky have created not just a workout and fitness program for new mums – but a program to gain confidence in your body at a time when you feel like it’s taken away from you, so you should be very proud of that!

– Adele