Look good, feel great and eat well with Body Beyond Birth

Meet resident foodie and wholefoods cook, Nadia Felsch.

Nadia is an author, speaker and wholefoods cook. She’s devoted to providing inspiration and the tools to empower women to make wellness through enjoyable food and practical information a healthy eating lifestyle. Nadia is on a mission to make wholefoods and happy relationships with eating a lifestyle choice for Australian women.

Sometimes, the toughest of times can be the catalyst for the greatest changes. Nadia spent years confusing thin with healthy and following diets that ultimately were unsustainable and unsupportive of her goal to be healthy. Nadia has seen firsthand how difficult it can be to receive the right advice, support and proper healthy eating advice. Her own determination to first fix her own relationship with food before looking to help others is a testament to her commitment to health and education.

Departing the corporate world in 2013 to follow her heart, Nadia has found it and attempts to seize the day, every day. That special kind of carpe diem is distilled in her personal journey with food and in her now insatiable quest for knowledge related to food and health.

Nadia’s website is a fount of inspiration, relatable and insightful health and wellbeing posts, and delicious recipes. It’s also where Nadia shares openly her not-so-perfect health past and how she has overcome such obstacles. A nutritionist in the making, Nadia focuses on creating a positive message around a woman’s relationship with food and creating a harmonious attitude towards food related health.

With a knack for balancing the truly tasty with the naturally nutritious, Nadia’s contribution to the Body Beyond Birth pantry is nothing short of magical.

What are you waiting for? Discover more about Body Beyond Birth and how it can help you reach your fitness goals today.