Burrito bowl

Make it your own and enjoy this recipe as your Mexican night for the week. Use leftover rice for a super fast meal and make more of the chicken to have on hand and use in other meals too.Vegetarian? Leave out the chicken.GF

One-pot baked beans

A classic with all the wholefoods benefits that will soon become a family favourite! Serve on toast for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a fast snack. Delicious as a vegetarian main with salad.GF / V / VG

The Perfect Omlette

GF / VG - This classic dish often scares people off with the idea that they are hard to get right. Try this simple recipe and enjoy your own protein packed brekkie omlette. A great way to add more veggies to your kids lives as well!TIME: 10 MINS SERVES: 1

Veggie stack ‘lasagne’

Faster and higher in nutrients than your classic lasagne dish is this stackable variety that the whole family will enjoy!

You could even grill the veggies on your BBQ for faster cooking time and make double quantities if you can to add to other meals – spaghetti bolognaise made easy with the mince mixture and simply chopping up the grilled veggies. GF


A family favourite made for weekends and great for a kids sleepover! For a mince meat variation, add 400g after the onion and garlic, cooking through before adding remaining ingredients.Guacamole makes a great spread or dip as well so make double while you’re at it!