I think Jackie and Becky have created not just a workout and fitness program for mums – but a program to gain confidence in your body at a time when you feel like it’s taken away from you, so they should be very proud of that!

People have been commenting that I am looking healthier than I did for my wedding (which I worked out hard for! I ran on the beach every day for months for that! Haha) even jumped into a pair of jeans that were on their way out the door as I never thought they would fit me.

I am never sitting as Austin and I are out every day – walking (I think he started planking before crawling thanks to me! Haha) and I feel better than I ever have in my life – 100%

BBB definitely gave me back my confidence after having a baby.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for giving me the opportunity to be one of the first to go through your program. I loved it!!! As our babies grow, it gets harder and harder to make it to classes so this is the perfect solution! The workouts were challenging but very enjoyable and the benefits are not only physical but mental as well. The 20 min of ‘me’ time each day is so refreshing. I feel my posture has improved and I am stronger than ever. In just 12 weeks I have been able to do things that I never been able to before (like push ups on my toes not my knees)! I would highly recommend the program to any new mums!

I appreciate that the goal for cardio sessions is 30 minute session several times per week rather than 6 x 60 minute sessions. Sure I can do more per day or per week, but the slow and steady approach also completes the race. Stronger and healthier is my goal, and while the transformation may take longer than 12 weeks, developing trends and habits as a part of real life are just as important as the goal.

I have so many competing lists and schedules in my life, so I appreciate the BBB nutritional ‘guides’ which are specific learning tools and encouraging for everyday life, rather than another overwhelming meal regime to impose over my regular activities and preparations.

If I don’t have time to change into my exercise gear, I have even done the workout in my jeans and regular bra, and feel great that I have ticked that off for the day, rather than postponed the workout until the next day.

5 days in I am excited to say that I have completed the workout session each day, and even completed 2 cardio sessions. I have chosen to prioritise my physical and mental health so I can better care for myself and my family – the needs of 3 children can certainly be demanding. I genuinely appreciate that real mums have developed this program to fit into real life – achievable goals which inspire me to do more, rather than feeling discouraged that I have already missed the target and fallen behind.

Overall, I found the BBB program to be amazing. It is perfect for mums who want to exercise but don’t have the time to get to the gym for an hour. It is achievable, can be done at any time of the day and works. As it is web-based you can do it in your lounge room, in a hotel room while travelling or even in the park. Becky, the instructor, makes the program enjoyable as she clearly demonstrates each exercise and provides encouragement from the screen. There will be some exercises you hate (quadruped plank for me) but you will definitely feel like you are getting a great workout and one that is tailored for you as a mum.