Natalie S.

Five days in I am excited to say that I have completed the workout session each day and even completed 2 cardio sessions. I have chosen to prioritise my physical and mental health so I can better care for myself and my family with a daily workout session. The needs of 3 children can certainly be demanding. I genuinely appreciate that real mums have developed this program to fit into real life – achievable goals which inspire me to do more, rather than feeling discouraged that I have already missed the target and fallen behind.

If I don’t have time to change into my exercise gear, I have even done the workout in my jeans and regular bra. I feel great that I have ticked that off for the day, rather that postponed the workout session until the next day.

I have so many competing lists and schedules in my life, so I appreciate the BBB nutritional ‘guides’ which are specific learning tools and encouraging for everyday life, rather than another overwhelming meal regime to impose over my regular activities and preparations.  I appreciate that the goal for cardio sessions is 30 minute session several times per week rather than 6 x 60 minute sessions. Sure I can do more per day or per week. But the slow and steady approach also completes the race. Stronger and healthier is my goal, and while the transformation may take longer than 12 weeks, developing trends and habits as a part of real life are just as important as the goal.