Adele B.

Body Beyond Birth definitely gave me back my confidence after having a baby.  My birth wasn’t the smoothest and I felt quite “beaten up” once I got home. I relied heavily on my abdominal binder. I kept wearing it every day and felt I couldn’t even walk without it.  I had to take breaks when I walked to the shops or was out and about all day, and would feel so uncomfortable about my stomach I would walk around holding it! I wasn’t very happy.

When everyone was joining baby boot camps I felt I was in no shape to be even walking or getting up from sitting on the floor! I was still rolling to get out of bed! I was paranoid about this separation and the pain I would feel.

But the first exercise I did was with BBB – safe in my own home with no one pressuring me or watching. And I felt great. I enjoyed your videos and stretches and yoga and it gave me the confidence back bit by bit to get moving.  People have been commenting that I am looking healthier than I did for my wedding (which I worked out hard for! I ran on the beach every day for months for that! Haha) even jumped into a pair of jeans that were on there way out the door as I never thought they would fit me.

But I think you and Becky have created not just a workout and fitness program for new mums – but a program to gain confidence in your body at a time when you feel like it’s taken away from you, so you should be very proud of that!