Becky Dyer is a physiotherapist and mother of two in Sydney Australia. Becky studied Physical Therapy in the United States before immigrating to Australia. She has been a women’s health specialist working in hospitals and private physiotherapy practice since 2001. Becky treats pregnant and post-natal women to address pelvic girdle instability and strengthen the pelvic floor after childbirth with a specific supervised exercise program. Becky has been instructing physiotherapy based exercise programs for postnatal women for the past 10 years. And has a 23 year history in the fitness industry as an instructor (read as GEEZER?)

After having experienced child-birth with her two daughters and the challenge of returning to exercise with a baby in tow, Becky started her own physiotherapy based exercise program for post-natal women. She is currently the director of Birth & Beyond Pilates studio in Sydney where she continues to teach classes and treat patients.

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Jackie Pakinga is a mum of three boys who is passionate about exercise and healthy living. Having done various sports and forms of fitness training (including Pilates) for over 15 years, she has now commenced study to become a Pilates instructor.

Following the recent birth of her twins (which were born at 3kg each), Jackie had a significant abdominal separation (rectus diastasis) which was not only uncomfortable, but made day-to-day tasks a challenge. Thankfully, due to family support being able to assist with the care of her children, Jackie was able to work with Becky on a regular basis to address this issue.