Fruit Iceblocks

As easy as 1, 2, 3! Use your favourite fruit combinations and easily substitute the water for milk for simple ice creams. Leave those store-bought, heavily-processed options at the door! GF / V / VG

One-pot baked beans

A classic with all the wholefoods benefits that will soon become a family favourite! Serve on toast for breakfast, lunch, dinner or a fast snack. Delicious as a vegetarian main with salad. GF / V / VG

Mexican salsa

GF / V / VG TIME: 10 MINS SERVES: 4 as a side dish Fabulous as a side dish and serve it with almost any protein for a fresh, summery and satisfying accompaniment.

Mango lassi

Part Indian-classic, part super-refreshing drink for all ages. The kids will love this one after school through summer and you could easily turn this into ice creams by pouring into moulds too. GF / VG