Three steps to a perfect pregnancy workout

Eliminate the guesswork for working out while you’re pregnant with these simple guidelines You’ve peed on the magic stick. You’ve slid your glorious bod into those maternity yoga pants. And you’ve done more googling than you ever thought possible (“Really, that’s normal, too? Huh.”) And now, it’s time to get sweatin’! As long as you’ve […]

Two essential habits to fast-track your post-Caesarean recovery

“Wow, my C-section was super low key,” said no one ever. That’s because even though a C-section is a common surgery that has saved the lives of countless mums and babies (cue confetti-drenched victory parade), it’s still surgery. And that means it’s not as simple as opening and closing the zipper on your makeup bag.  […]

Four times when it’s totally okay to skip your pregnancy workout

Here at BBB, we’re all about consistency. We believe wellness – especially during pregnancy – isn’t built on one-offs; it’s forged through daily habits.   … But there are times when consistency is less important. And there are times when it’s perfectly okay to skip your pregnancy workout.  Let’s talk about when and why it’s okay […]