Four times when it’s totally okay to skip your pregnancy workout

Here at BBB, we’re all about consistency. We believe wellness – especially during pregnancy – isn’t built on one-offs; it’s forged through daily habits.   … But there are times when consistency is less important. And there are times when it’s perfectly okay to skip your pregnancy workout.  Let’s talk about when and why it’s okay […]

Four things we wish we’d been told about staying fit during pregnancy

We know firsthand that it’s totally tempting to activate sloth mode when you’re pregnant. You’re growing a baby … Isn’t that, like, enough hard work? Ha, just kidding. Everyone knows that maintaining your fitness during pregnancy is vital. (But if you’re new here and were kind of hoping for a permission slip to sloth it […]

Five weird (but normal) things that happen to your body during pregnancy

Make a baby, they said. It’ll be simple, they said. You’re a woman; it’s natural. ‘Cept, let’s be real … Some of the stuff that happens to your body during pregnancy definitely does not feel natural or normal (even if we promise it is). And if you’re doing this baby-making business for the first time, […]