Seven genius time hacks to fit more exercise into your day for busy mums

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If “finding” time to exercise has become an impossible quest, we’re here with a new map for you to follow. 

Because the fact is, gorgeous, no mum can “find” more time in her day. 

Every day has 24 hours, and when you’re caring for kids and nurturing your career (and doing the other million things you’ve gotta do), just keeping everyone’s nails clipped can be a pretty big ask. And well … you’re not gonna discover more hours in the day just hiding under that pile of laundry. 

But don’t worry, lovely! You don’t have to resort to sending the kids to the time-out chair just so you can get some mum time. 

You’ve already got the time to exercise as a new mum, especially if you’re sneaky about it. Yeah, we know you love a great time hack as much as we do!

Come close … are you listening? ‘Cause it turns out those missing hours aren’t hiding under the laundry – they’re actually in plain sight. 

There are a jillion mini pockets of time in your day that can accommodate exercise – you’ve just gotta repurpose them! How often do you listen to a podcast while you do your hair? It’s the same concept. Busy mums can find time for fitness without changing anything about their schedule.

*Cue angel choir*. 

Free your mind, Neo. Exercise does not have to happen in two-hour blocks in the gym. And that’s great news for you! We know you’re busy, and we know that you’re dedicated to getting creative and sneaky with your fitness. 

So we’re stoked to share our best time hacks with you!

Read on for our tips to add some sneaky fitness to your busy day.

As long as you haven’t got a prolapse, and you’re cleared for exercise after a C-section, all these moves are safe for your healing body. 

Ironwoman squats

Oh, ironing. Whether you love or hate this chore, there’s a simple way to make it work for you: add some squats! Keep your spine straight and your knees above your toes, and crank out thirty reps. Fresh threads, poppin’ booty – a total win-win.

Spoonfuls of squats

Spoon feeding your growing angel is a great time to multitask—and entertain bubba with some fun movements. Start by sitting in your chair facing baby, then fill up his spoon. Engage your core and stand up, offering the bite to baby at the top. Sit back down and grab another spoonful. This can double as a sneaky way to get a reluctant eater to open up!

Pelvic floor veggie slicers

Find yourself standing at the counter, chopping veggies for meals? Bag two healthy birds with one stone by “squeezing” in some pelvic floor contractions (see what we did there? *wink*). Squeeze your pelvic floor muscles like you’re ten miles from the nearest ladies’ room and hold for ten seconds. Go for ten reps. This is the sneakiest move of all – no one will even know you’ve snuck in some exercise, you shifty ninja. 

Dance mama

Girl, we know that sometimes (all the times) little ones need to get their wiggles out. Why don’t you join in the fun? When you think about it, three up-tempo songs equal ten minutes of cardio. Grab baby for some extra resistance and get moving! Spin an imaginary hula hoop, spin around on your booty, get as wacky as your kids! You’ve just 1) bonded with the kiddos, 2) contained their crazies and 3) got ten minutes fitter. You’re killin’ it.

Move from sit to fit

Here’s a catch-all strategy for adding fitness to a ton of activities: switch from sitting to standing. Instead of sitting around and chatting, move your friend date outside for a walk. Stand up for those endless Zoom calls. Do some marching or lift some easy weights while you watch TV. Use public transport? Try to switch up your commute by standing so that you don’t sit all morning getting to work, sit all day at work, and sit all evening coming home. 

Play isn’t just for kids

Make playtime work for you! Tuck your elbows in to isolate your triceps while you push the swing, or do a squat between each push. See how fast you can push the tricycle up that giant hill. Get silly! Are you pretending to be a pelican diving in the ocean to catch fish? Honey, get flappin’! It’ll boost your fitness and lift your mood – who doesn’t love that?

Long spine, strong bod

This one’s so simple, but it’s such a workhorse! You can keep your core activated all day just by paying attention to your posture. That’s right, Grandma knew what she was talking about when she kept telling you to sit up straight. You’ll look poised and confident, and your core will sing your praises. 

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