Why you should take a hard pass on the babywearing exercise trend

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Here at Body Beyond Birth, we love a good fitness trend. And if goat yoga gets ya moving, who are we to judge?

But there’s one craze making rounds on all the vlogs that we just can’t get behind, and it’s exercising while wearing your baby in a sling or carrier. 

Don’t get us wrong: babywearing is fantastic. Not only does it give you extra cuddle time with your sweet-smelling space heater, it conveniently answers the question, “Wait, where do I put this thing while I do my hair?”

So we’re all for it, babe!

Just not while you’re working up a sweat. Here’s why. 

It’s a very sad Déjà Vu for your spine

When you’re wearing sweet babe on your front, you’re recreating the load you wore for nine months. And your spine starts to cry. 

As you lean back to accommodate the weight of the carrier, you put your hips and spine in the same position they assumed during your pregnancy. That, in turn, puts additional strain on your pelvic floor, core, and neck. 

That strain is fine if you’re going on a short stroll around the house, fixing your make-up, loading the dishes, or standing in the center of your living room while you scroll through pics of other people’s child-free vacations. 

But while dancing, jumping, or working up a sweat? Nope.

It just does not accelerate healing and strengthening of the muscles that, after working their tails off for nine months, really need your attention. 

It might be too risky for baby

Again, carriers and slings are arms-free cuddling machines. So what would you never do while snuggling? You wouldn’t bounce too much, or jump, or run, or twirl like crazy. 

Sudden moves increase the risk of straining bub’s head and neck. It’s also unsafe if he/she’s wrapped too tightly or too loosely –– one can restrict breathing, the other can shift baby into an unsafe position. And another thing: if you’re hot and sweaty, so are they. And since babies are not finely tuned temperature regulators like you, it’s best to just let baby sit this one out.

So, if you really want to join a baby-and-me fitness group, go for the body weight or stroller ones. We promise you’ll have just as much fun, and you won’t derail your own healing or put baby at risk. 

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