The most important stretches you’ll ever do

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Next up in your pro postnatal fascia series: How to master dynamic stretching to get even bendier than before 

Now that you’ve read the last two posts, and you know that 1) scar tissue wants to move, but it needs your help and 2) fascia is fascinating (see what we did there? … Anyone?), you won’t be surprised to find out that you can also make your fascia longer and more comfortable than ever. 


Easy: With a secret weapon called dynamic stretching. 

Dyna-what? Say what? I’ve been stretching wrong this whole time?

Slow down, beautiful. We’re not going to force a whole new set of stretches on you. You don’t need to stretch differently, just better. And we’ll show you each step. 

You see, the magic of dynamic stretching is in how fast it gives you results. When you stretch dynamically, not only are you opening and relaxing your body in the moment, you’re making your insanely smart brain tell your fascia to actually grow and lengthen – which makes your muscles fierce and flexible the next time you use them. 

And the best part? You can turn almost any familiar stretch into a dynamic one. 

How to perform a dynamic stretch:

Get into that old runner’s calf stretch, the one with your hands on the wall and one leg extended behind you. Now, while holding the stretch for 30-60 seconds, wiggle your foot so you’re alternating your weight between the inside and outside of your foot (pronation and supination, if you’re feeling fancy). 

Feels good, huh? We’ve got more where that came from. 

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