The right way to cough as a mama

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Actually, there *is* a right way to cough

It’s science. And we can’t wait to teach you how! As you know the health of our mama’s is #1 for us here at Body Beyond Birth!

We all like to live in denial from time to time, hon, but when you’ve got a slushy, mucousy cough, you’ve got to face it head on.

We know it sounds gross, but you’ve gotta dig deep and clear that gunk out like a boss if you want to start feeling better pronto.

Here’s how to cough correctly and safely as a mama

Lucky for you, we physio nerds can teach you to cough it up “Chest Physio” style. Listen to us, and you can:

1. Cough correctly.
2. Clear out all the pathogens that want to bring you down.
3. Avoid pneumonia – really! We coached a friend on the brink of pneumonia through this process over the phone, and she healed up like a pro.

The Active Breathing Cycle (ABC)


A. Three ACTIVE diaphragmatic breaths. Placing one hand on your breastbone and the other on your belly, breathe deeply into the lower parts of your chest. Make sure that only your belly hand moves, ‘cause you wanna fill your lungs to the bottom, not create tension in your chest and shoulders. Repeat for three.
B. Three quick BREATHS out. Exhale into a tissue like you’re fogging up a mirror. This engages the upper and middle parts of your lungs–we need all hands on deck for this process.
C. COUGH three times. Don’t be a blushing rose about this. Really hack it up like a champ.


Repeat this process for a total of three cycles. Then repeat the circuit three times daily as needed.

If you do it right, you’ll really gross yourself out nicely with the results. Gross is your friend! Get it outta your lungs where it can’t bring you down anymore, gorgeous!

Our favourite text from a physio buddy last week was “Become one with the sputum, kemosabe!”

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