Not able to get to the gym right now? It might be better for you anyway.

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happy pregnant women exercising on fitball in gym

You’ve given birth (phew, great job – glad that’s over!), and now you’ve found yourself sprawled in the middle of your new normal. Now what?

Well … there’s the sleep deprivation. Check. You’re shocked to remember what your feet look like. Yep, check that one too. 

But one thing that you’ve probably brought with you into motherhood is the tendency to compare yourself to others (no judgement—we do it, too). 

Like those super-fit people who faithfully attend Reformer classes at the Pilates studio. Dang, don’t they seem so fit and happy and perfect and how has their body bounced back so quickly where is the chocolate waaaaah. 

We get it. We really do. 

But you know who is feeling even better? It’s not the organised gym junkies who never seem to have breast milk leaking through their sports bras. No, gorgeous, it’s mamas like YOU who show up for 10-20 minutes each day.

Working out at home, without a care in the world?

Even if it’s at home and no one is around to be impressed – trust us, we are clapping from afar! ‘Cause, lovely, you’re a habit-forming beast. 

And that habit will bring you more health and fitness than one sweaty gym sesh a week. 

So never, *ever* indulge in FOMO or beat yourself up for missing a class or skipping a one hour run. Doing what you can is the healthy thing to do, even if that’s three minutes of your favourite exercise. 

After all, you’ll be three minutes fitter than everyone who stayed on the couch.


Your new BFF: Quick home workouts

Got just 20 minutes while sweet bebe stares at you in wonder before freaking out over some unintelligible problem?

 Bust out a BBB Pilates workout, give yourself a high-five, and bask in the sweaty glow of being 20 minutes more dedicated to your health than you were before. 

And chances are, your body will thank you for it. We see it every day in our physio practice – girl, the people whose injuries heal fastest are not the experts or the super-fit. 

It’s the ones who work on their body a little bit each day. The ones who show up for themselves in small ways and don’t give up. 

With recovery – especially the postnatal kind – it’s not survival of the fittest. 

It’s survival of the committed.  

So don’t worry if you can’t get to the gym right now. Your lounge room (or bedroom!) workout beckons. 

Not sure where to start?

Fear not, gorgeous. Check out our 20-minute BBB post-birth Pilates programs!