How To Ease Back Pain When Pregnant

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V Stretch

How to ease back pain and prevent the dreaded “Mommy Back” during pregnancy

There are a few inevitabilities of being pregnant.

Like, you know, getting a bigger belly and ending up with a baby at the end of the whole process (we know, weird right?).

A less rewarding inevitability of pregnancy is back pain.

Your body is changing, mama. Your boobies and belly are on the move and getting heavier by the minute. And all that extra weight has to be supported by something:
Your back.

Your poor, sore, aching back.

(Spoiler alert: This is only the beginning. The pain doesn’t end once baby is born. You’ve got baby-feeding and baby-holding to make your pregnancy back pain feel like a walk in the park!)


Even though it’s inevitable that there will be extra weight and pressure on your back, you can get a head start on managing your back pain.

We’ve shared our top two pregnancy stretches that you can master now (don’t worry – they’re super easy) and continue using post-partum to set yourself up for a happy neck and back as a new mama.

Pregnancy stretches to ease back pain

Our fave: The doorway pec stretch


Pec Stretch

Ahhh – we’re feeling relaxed just thinking about it! This stretch is guaranteed to make you exhale and smile.

How to do it:
Stand in the doorway with arms at 90/90 and forearms resting gently on the doorjamb.  One foot steps forward through the door, leaning forward to feel the stretch in your pec muscles/chest, and keep your arms relaxed. Hold this for 30-60 seconds. Repeat at least three x daily (or more!)

The “W” to “V” foam roller stretch (Give this one a miss in the 3rd Trimester

W stretch

V Stretch



We love our foam rollers like an extended member of our family. They know how to relieve our tension (and pain!) like nothing else can.

How to use your foam roller:
Lie on your back with a foam roller (or rolled up beach towel) extending from sacrum to your head. Your knees are bent with feet flat on the floor. Place your arms and hands out in a “W” shape and lower them as close to the floor as possible. Then straighten the elbows and keep hands hovering above the floor to reach overhead to make a “V”.  Keep moving from “W” to “V” for one minute and feel your arms MELT like butter toward the floor.

Feelin’ good, girl?

Your next step is to continue the momentum and check out our pregnancy Pilates-based program! It’s everything you need to support your body through pregnancy.

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