Meet our master nutritionist: Kathryn

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Kathryn Hawkins Nutritionist

Here at BBB, we’re serious about two things: Guilt-free self-care (yup, choc totally counts) and providing you with the experience, expertise and guidance you need to build your body beyond birth

Which is why we only partner with the best of the best in women’s health. And speaking of the best of the best … meet Kathryn (you’re gonna love her!)

We’ll hand it over to Kathryn to share her story with you and how she became so passionate about women’s health…

Meet our master nutritionist: Kathryn

My story as a Dietitian (APD) and Nutritionist (AN) and my story as a mum (household CEO) have been strongly intertwined.

I started studying for a Masters of Dietetics following undergraduate studies in allied health and biomedical science, and a really strong interest in nutrition in sport. I was heavily involved in equestrian sports, hockey and ran half marathons, so the fascination and interest around food came from a very functional, sports-based place.

To perform at my best, I needed to feed my body the right fuel. It was that simple. 

And when I graduated, I harnessed this passion to work in the glamorous world of sports nutrition. 

… Little did I know what lay ahead and the way my career would mould and change with the evolving landscape of life.

I began work as a general dietitian in hospitals and nursing homes for many years before starting in private practice. 

The more I interacted with clients, the more I noticed their relationship with food and their body was largely dictated their eating patterns. 

This observation led me to formally train in eating disorders and eating behaviours, and I quickly built my practice to reflect a non-diet approach to eating.  

In early 2014 I got married, and we were very excited to start our family. 

Early on in our ‘journey’ to parenthood, I was diagnosed with PCOS and became aware, for the first time, that my road to pregnancy may not be simple one. 

After a late first trimester miscarriage, and what seemed like eternity, my first daughter came along in December 2015. 

Shortly after her first birthday, we decided we wanted to give our little girl a sibling. After 12 months of trying to conceive and two more devastating miscarriages, we sought extra help. It soon became apparent that IVF was our best chance of conceiving a second healthy baby. 

IVF was easily the hardest and most confronting thing I had ever undertaken.

Doing three rounds in four months, with the last one being the most brutal, gave us our second daughter and completed our family perfectly. 

But the experience of IVF lingered. 

During the 18 months we where trying to conceive our second child, I did a lot of research into the role of nutrition during IVF and a subsequent IVF pregnancy. 

I also became quite aware of the chemicals I was coming into contact with on a daily basis, from cleaning products, to nail varnish and food packaging, and how they were impacting my health. 

I took everything I learned and implemented it into my life, following my intuition and passion for women’s health, including fertility, pregnancy and breastfeeding to build a career focused on helping other women build their bodies beyond birth. 

These days I enjoy a quiet (but busy!) life on the Northern Beaches of Sydney with my two young daughters, husband and much-loved Cavoodle, Louie.

Professionally, I am dedicated to supporting women, and nutrition remains my passion – but a lifetime away from where my career started!

Curious about my philosophy towards nutrition for women?

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