Four times when it’s totally okay to skip your pregnancy workout

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Here at BBB, we’re all about consistency. We believe wellness – especially during pregnancy – isn’t built on one-offs; it’s forged through daily habits.  

… But there are times when consistency is less important. And there are times when it’s perfectly okay to skip your pregnancy workout. 

Let’s talk about when and why it’s okay to skip your pregnancy workout

First, nope, sorry to ruin your hopes and dreams, but one of those times isn’t when you’ve got a Bachelor episode to watch. Nor is it when there’s a new Netflix show to binge on.

We know, we know. Sad faces all around. 

But remember, keeping fit during your pregnancy is important. Not only will it keep you and bub healthy (and help support an easier birth!), but it’ll lift your spirits and support your mental and emotional wellness during the puke storms and stretch marks of pregnancy. 

But that’s not to say that you should soldier through and commit to daily workouts no matter what. 

You get a free pass (sometimes). 

Here’s when. 

You should say “nope” to your pregnancy workout when …

You’re bone tired

Pregnancy is exhausting. Fact. Your body is busy creating an entire human from scratch. No big deal. (Hah – it totally is. We still use packet mixes for cakes!) 

But it means you’re going to be tired, mama. That’s your default mode. And figuring out the difference between default tired is something you’re going to have to tune in and listen to your body for. 

As a rule though, if you can barely drag yourself home after a day of work (or pleasure), and the thought of working out makes you want to cry, then it’s time to rest. Put your feet up and grab a bit of couch time. 

You’re feeling faint.  

Pregnancy can wreak havoc on your appetite. There will be days and times when you just don’t feel like eating. So if you haven’t eaten, you’ve missed a meal or if you’re feeling faint or weak, it’s best to skip your workout. 

Here’s what’s happening in your body: Your cardiovascular system is stressed because you haven’t had enough fluids and your blood sugar is low.  Add this to the fact that your baby is simultaneously using up your nutritional stores and this puts lots of stress on your body. 

So always make sure you are well fed, watered and feeling the goods before you exercise.

You’ve been experiencing cramping or abdominal pain. 

This is a big red flag to rest ladies. Never ignore cramping or abdominal pain. 

If you take it easy for a few hours and you’re still experiencing these symptoms, it’s time to call the doctor or midwife and check-in.  

You have placenta previa in the third trimester.  

Placenta previa is when your placenta is blocking the mouth of your cervix. Exercise is often advised against as it can increase your risk of bleeding. Ask your doctor or midwife for specific advice about exercise regarding the severity of placenta previa.

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