What to expect … when you’re expecting to start postnatal Pilates

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start postnatal pilates

There have been some big changes in your life, mama.

(Not the least of which is bundled up sweetly in their crib right now!)

And whether you’re taking this journey for the first or multiple time, it’s bound to be unique. There will always be things that take you by surprise. But there are *some* things we can prepare you for.

Namely: Practicing postnatal Pilates!

Because even if you were a Pilates devotee before bub arrived (high-five, girl), it’s going to feel a little difference now.

Your body has changed. You’ve been through physical trauma and your body is still adapting to life post-birth.

So, before you sign up for postnatal Pilates (or sign up to one of our BBB Pilates-based programs for mamas!), here’s how you can prepare.

Four things to expect when you’re expecting to start postnatal Pilates

You’ll need to start simple

 With your abs recovering from birth, you’ll need to start with simpler exercises that gently hone your core ab activation. Too much too soon will can impact your recovery.

But – if you’ve been doing Pilates prenatally, your learning curve will be much faster!

(And if you’re one of our super prepared mums-to-be, head on over here to check out our prenatal Pilates-based program!)

Things will feel a little harder

Your core abdominals have returned to a different length than they were pre-birth, and they’re practically strangers to strength exercising now.

You’ll have to work a little harder to strengthen them at the length they are now but stick to it and you’ll see – and feel – results.

Mind your wrists

During mat work you might have sore mommy wrists or carpal tunnel symptoms due to hormonal changes and all the fine manipulation you are doing with your paws.

You can solve this by coming up onto your knucks like a chimpanzee during mat work. This will save your wrists and keep them in a neutral position.

Take care of your joints

 After birth, you’ll still have hypermobility in your joints (which can put you at risk of joint pain and injury), so postpartum strengthening will be super important for you right now to maintain joint health and stability.

Not sure how to take care of your joints and body after birth?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you. We have an entire suite of programs designed to help you build your body beyond birth.

Come and explore our BBB post-birth Pilates-based programs, babe!