THIS is the best time to start your prenatal exercises

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Wondering when it’s the right time to start prenatal exercise?

Great question. And it’s definitely a question I wish I (Jackie) had thought of sooner in my first pregnancy!

I first waddled into Becky’s Pilates class with one hand cradled under my blossoming belly and the other dug into the small of my back.

Pregnant with twins, back pain was officially my arch nemesis.

Then, the almost-magical Becky, taught me exactly how to build my core strength so that I could banish back pain and boot my arch nemesis outta my life.

BUT. Had I known how important prenatal exercises were BEFORE I let myself get to the it-hurts-to-blink stage, I could have prevented a whole lot of pain.

So … when should you start your prenatal exercises?

Here’s the low-down.

When to start prenatal exercises

If you were already fit as a fiddle before your pregnancy …

… Then you’ve probably already been doing prenatal exercise – you just didn’t realise it!

If that’s the case, then you’re all good to continue with your current exercise program for your first trimester.

Remember: Your goal isn’t to cultivate huge strength or endurance gains during pregnancy.

Instead, you want to focus on maintaining your current levels of fitness. Your body is already working hard to build an entire human. It’s a big deal, babe. So give yourself permission to postpone any major fitness goals until post-pregnancy.

After your first trimester, you want to be proactive and prep for the burgeoning belly by getting super focused on your deep abdominal strength.


Easy! Pilates-based exercise.

If you’re an exercise virgin …

… It’s never too late to start!

I know, I know: It’s super tempting to let your dwindling energy reserves and hungry womb roomie drive you to the couch with a family size pack of M&Ms (that you fully plan on nom’ing solo).

But it’s vital you start strengthening your pelvic floor and deep abs to prepare for pregnancy and birth.

Which means you can – and should – start prenatal exercises as soon as you find out you’ve got a bun in the oven.

Trust me – you’ll thank us for it later.

Make sure you avoid high-impact activities like running and jumping though, as they’ll trounce on your pelvic floor. Wince.


Unsure what – and how much – exercise you should be doing when?

We cover all of that (plus step-by-step video guides for the best prenatal exercises) in our BBB programs!

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