Four reasons your body will love pregnancy Pilates

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Want to see some real-life magic?

Hold onto your belly, babe, ‘cos today we’re going to channel our inner futuristic mind reader and let you know how your body will really feel about pregnancy Pilates with four things Pilates can do for YOU during pregnancy. 

BYO crystals and juju.

How your body will (really) feel about pregnancy Pilates

1. “… Ah, that feels better!”

With your body growing, blossoming, stretching and expanding with every day, back and joint pain is, sadly, normal. But it doesn’t have to be! You can prevent future back and joint pain by practicing pregnancy Pilates throughout your pregnancy. Trust us – your body will thank you for it.

2. “Ooh, actually, it feels like it was made for me.”

Unlike other forms of exercise, Pilates is custom-made for pregnancy as it doesn’t stress the joints. It also strengthens the bits that are getting stretched, so your body is stronger and more flexible – exactly what your body wants to be when it’s pregnant and preparing for birth!

3. “I feel so much more confident.”

Did you know that a strong core equals a confident posture? Yep, those ab muscles aren’t just there to look pretty: They’ll help you sail through pregnancy with a strong, confident posture! No Hulking Heroine or Quasimodo here, girls.

4. “Hello, post-delivery healing.”

After the stress of pregnancy and birth, all your body wants is to heal and recover. Thankfully, if you’ve maintained your pregnancy Pilates, you’ll be well-positioned to do just that! With a smarter and stronger pelvic floor, it’ll spring back after delivery, while your increased stability in your lumbar spine and core will support your fitness and wellness goals.

Want to turn those future feels into right-now Pilates awesomeness?

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