5 reasons you should totally get your partner involved in Body Beyond Birth

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Yes, we know it sounds a little strange to get your partner involved in pregnancy Pilates but stay with us now. It might be one of the most fun and rewarding experiences of you can share together.

Learn why the team from Body Beyond Birth believes that sharing your pregnancy Pilates journey is one worth considering now

Partnering up, Pilates style

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Let’s us first start by acknowledging that when we mean partner, we mean the partner you are sharing the birthing experience with. This might be a male or female partner that you are head over heels in love with. Or it might mean a birthing partner that is helping you through the single mother journey.

We know that families come in all kinds of beautiful shapes and sizes. We don’t discriminate here at Body Beyond Birth. We love our Dads kicking it with the Mums just as much as Mums kicking it with Mums. Or the mothers supporting their BFF, the involved grandparents and/or doting sibling.

Whatever your situation, your partner in the birthing process is an integral part of the adventure to come. And we welcome them to try our pregnancy Pilates program for the following reasons.

Sharing the healthy journey

You are glowing in motherhood with the idea of health in the forefront of your mind, right? Why not take a cheerleader on that journey with you? Having a partner with your fitness journey can help you stay motivated. It can also inspire you both to move forward to the next phase together as a team.

The great thing about the pregnancy version of Body Beyond Birth is that you can come together to learn Pilates based exercise in the privacy of your own home. You can also take advantage of our extensive library of recipes that are healthy, tasty and easy to prepare.

That way, you and your partner in this wonderful journey of impending motherhood can be on the same page and work towards supporting you while also motivating you on the program.

Getting to know your body changes

One of the things we’re very proud of at Body Beyond Birth is that we’ve integrated proper nutrition, the science of movement through Pilates and safe, effective exercise through our knowledge of physiotherapy. We couple this with a strong track record with helping women stay healthy, reduce injury risk and aid in recovery post birth.

Our resident physiotherapist Becky has spent a lot of time ensuring the program is sound for pregnant women. The lessons both Becky and Jackie teach also affirm this and include a lot of informative advice about your body along the way.

We try to explain the body and the reasoning behind movement so that you understand the exercise program itself. Also, we educate on common things to look out for while engaged in our pregnancy Pilates program.

That way, you can understand not only why we exercise the way we do in the program but also to understand your body better as a pregnant woman. We share the pregnancy journey of your pelvic floor, your stomach, back and breasts! We look at the hormones and the relaxin in your body. We focus on giving you peace of mind through information.

That’s why we think the Body Beyond Birth program is also beneficial for partners because they too can understand the miracle of pregnancy and all the wonderful changes taking place in your body.

Preparing you mentally

Have you ever noticed that TV and films don’t generally focus on the nitty gritty of pregnancy and childbirth? We of course know a small amount of information. Heck, there’s even some myths that comes with pregnancy and childbirth.

What we don’t often get is the real preparation.

There will be times when you feel stressed, overwhelmed and wonder what you’ve done. This might be as you heave into the toilet for the 17th time that day. It might be when your body is sore and uncomfortable and unable to sleep properly. It might be when you feel anxious and stressed.

We don’t profess to be able to fix all of these situations, but we do know they are real and common. They are as much a part of childbirth and pregnancy as the things you marvel at.

Exercise, especially exercise such as pregnancy Pilates, can help reduce the stress associated with these moments.

Morning sickness for example can respond well to a regular exercise regime. It helps to level off and metabolise the hormones.

The body’s soreness and tenderness can be abated by gentle stretching and by keeping the muscles limber. This is especially true for the lower back, abdomen and legs.

Exercise can reduce your stress levels and aid with sleep. Pregnancy Pilates can be quite good in this respect because you are using your body’s own resistance to exercise, which means you can’t technically overdo it too much. It also combines stretching, which makes the body flexible and more relaxed. And it involves breathing, which can soothe anxiety and help you sleep.

By working on your Pilates program together, your partner maybe be able to spot the moments that give you more comfort than others. Then when you find it difficult to unwind or get into a better place, they can help guide you.

Your birthing partner can spot what you need for relief and if they know the routine, talk you through it. That can be incredibly powerful when you’re under pressure.

Knowing what helps could help later

Whether you are looking to birth in a hospital or a birthing pool, with the aid of a doctor or a doula, your partner will be there. If they are going to be there for birth classes, reading the books, the OB appointments and the birth, why not be there for your pregnancy Pilates?

By employing pregnancy Pilates, you can work on your posture, alleviate discomfort and pain in your back and abdomen, engage in breathing techniques, use your core and more.

Why not have them along for the ride as your unofficial coach? Get them to learn the routine so they know how to help you when you need them to the most.

Your partner’s knowledge of your pregnancy Pilates program could help make things easier, reduce stress and make you feel like more of a team during the birthing process.

What have you got to lose?

Pilates isn’t only for pregnant women. It’s for men, women, children, the elderly- anyone you can think of. Pregnancy Pilates is the version of Pilates that Body Beyond Birth has designed to ensure your safe use of Pilates during pregnancy. Anyone can benefit though.

Your partner learning pregnancy Pilates may kindle an interest in Pilates generally. If you are using the program, why not get maximum benefit and share it? It could be another thing you share with each other that you truly adore.

Want to try Body Beyond Birth’s pregnancy Pilates program? Check it out now.