How to safely learn Pilates online and remain injury free

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Are you the sort of person that has struggled with injury before and want to safely learn Pilates online? Good news, exercise fans! Body Beyond Birth is taking the guesswork, hesitation and concern out of your exercise journey.

Whether you’re worried about your fitness level, age or previous experiences with fitness, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s how and why you can learn Pilates online safely and without an increased risk of injury

Using the baseline test

Any building block to a fitness program is knowing what shape you are in before you begin. That’s why when you learn Pilates online with Body beyond Birth, the first step you take is a baseline test.

This sets your up for success in a few ways:

  1. You understand your fitness level right from the start
  2. You can accurately judge what level of program you need
  3. You can spot your progress and see results better
  4. If you have issues with the baseline test, it’s a good indicator that you may need to seek further advice before commencing the program

Knowing your body, fitness and identifying the level of challenge that is just right for you is exactly what you need when starting an exercise program. It’s about keeping you safe for now and in the long term. Plus, it helps motivate you and spot the tiny changes and moves in your fitness level you might otherwise miss.

By seeing your progress, you get to understand your body.

Choosing the right level

The baseline test is designed to help you choose the right level you need to safely and effectively learn Pilates online with Body Beyond Birth. Then comes playing the game and doing that level.

Body Beyond Birth is designed to grow with your abilities and fitness level. The program we have developed is designed to encourage you to grow your skill. Therefore, we help with an idea of what level may be suitable in the description and via the baseline test.

We also have a dedicated pregnancy Pilates program so that you can learn Pilates online in a way that matches with your body’s physical capacity and needs at the time.

Picking a level based on a previous level of fitness or as an attempt to impress your friends isn’t part of the BBB story. It’s about recognising that women have life impacts that influence our fitness. And that meeting the needs of your body with the right kind of exercise is far better for you in the long run.

Don’t push yourself

Pilates is a fantastic form of fitness for a variety of reasons and possibly one of the best reasons is it works with your body. You use your body’s natural resistance to make the exercises happen!

The idea is to use your core strength, your weight and your flexibility in a series of exercises that work with, not against, your fitness level. As you learn Pilates online, the exercises fan out to include more parts of your body, increasing the tension and more.

By coupling Body Beyond Birth with incidental exercise, we repeat this process through incorporating every day movement. You become aware of the potential to wake your posture up and use your core better. Things that were simply walking to school with the kids or doing chores around the house become potential to be treated as a way of improving your body and mind.

The whole picture of a healthy woman is looking for moments to encourage, cherish and nurture yourself. It’s not about trying to exhaust or punish.

Besides, who wants to lose gains by pushing themselves too far and ending up sore and waiting to heal?

Healthy habits and variety

When we designed Body Beyond Birth, we wanted to empower you to make safe and sound choices about the sort of exercise to undertake. We looked primarily at making it easy to learn Pilates online, but we also included incidental exercise, yoga and healthy eating as part of the mix. Quite simply, while Pilates is a brilliant form of exercise and doing it in the comfort of your home and hotel room is convenient, you also need other things from your exercise program.

Nutrition helps fuel your body and introduce great eating habits. The incidental exercise and yoga both work to satiate the desire for variety as well as supplement the exercise program. As a bonus, the incidental exercise is also accessible and can be added into your daily schedule with ease. You can translate your daily tasks and fun times with the kids into a workout. Two birds with the same yoga ball.  Yippee!

Consult a professional

One of the advantages of Body Beyond Birth is not only do we have two trained Pilates instructors on staff, we also have a degree-qualified physiotherapist. Becky is all about helping you gain peak performance while minimising injury-risk. This is one of the appeals of teaching Pilates in the first instance- it’s a form of exercise that works with the body’s natural rhythms.

If you have a family history of issues and/or you have found yourself prone to injury in the past, Becky can help. While she won’t diagnose you at a distance, you can visit her studio in Sydney if you are local for advice prior, during or after the Body Beyond Birth program. And if you are further a-field and want to learn Pilates online, Becky can give you information that can help you make an informed decision.

This might include identifying what to watch for, some advice on the level of Body beyond Birth program to use, and the sorts of questions it might be good to check with a doctor or local physiotherapist to help with your research.

Injury-free means a happy me

By choosing to learn Pilates online and couple it with a healthy eating program, yoga, incidental exercise and supportive motivation, you’re saying you care about you. Kindness towards your body is rewarded in less injury and more improvements.

Electing a sensible path and working towards goals in the short, medium and long term helps keep you motivated. And it helps you translate your time spent with Body Beyond Birth into learnings that will last you a lifetime.

So, what are you waiting for? Learn Pilates online today with Body Beyond Birth and enjoy injury-free and supportive exercise today!