Hey girl, what kind of exercise mama are you?

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Have you ever considered what kind of exercise mama you might be? Knowledge is power, after all! Knowing your personality in relation to exercise can be part of the battle. We’re not one to miss the opportunity to use a sassy Ryan Gosling meme – or to take a deep dive into our community.

Let’s take a tongue-in-cheek look at what kind of exercise mama you might be!


When the kids run past the hall cupboard, do you sometimes wonder if all that hides within may jump out and join them? Has your partner banned you from imbibing wine and late-night shopping TV in the same sitting? Is your garage or storage littered with strange shaped equipment that collects dust and cobwebs, yet no one is brave enough to get rid of “just in case?”

Then you are a fad-blaster!

You are the early adopter of the rumba, Zumba and have more celebrity endorsed fitness products then Chuck Norris has double-denim days.

What gets you about exercise is the new idea, the high energy and the chance to try something new. And despite all the equipment and strange overnight packages on easy $9.95 a month terms, what you’re really craving is variety. You want to be the cutting edge early adopter who uncovers the new cool.

Secret squirrel

Shut the blinds. Wait for the car to pull out. Check behind the blinds to make sure. Now walk down the hall to make sure the kids aren’t hiding from school. Make a sideways glance at the neighbours and another.

The postie isn’t due for another hour. No deliveries are due today.

Great- let’s cover all the mirrors, triple check the windows and exercise!

The Secret Squirrel loves a good sweat- but you do it on your own terms. This is not about show and tell. You might have some awesome workout gear and fabulous trainers. But they are for your eyes alone.

You’re most comfortable uninterrupted, in the privacy of your own home, with no one to spy you toiling away. It’s a bit like those moments when you break out the special singing hairbrush but with less Tay-Tay.

There’s exercise action in this mama for sure. Just be very (and we mean very) quiet about it!

#sofresh #doingit #feeltheburn

If you can decipher the heading of this next profile, you are definitely the Instagram motivated exercise mama. Whether it’s out and about, getting your Pilates plank on or a hard hustle at the gym, you and Instagram have got it going on.

Looking the part is an art. You look simply fabulous in your workout gear. The sweat gives you the hot mess, sexy look. And you know it’s totally cool to measure your workout success in colour match combos between your trainers, hand weights and sweet AF new tops.

This isn’t about thinspiration. It’s all fitspiration, baby! Your journey is your own. And you know it.

No filter required while you get fitter and fitter!

Incidental exercise queen

Who’s the mama that lunges with the mop, crabs it up with the kids and has no problem breaking a sweat in the neighbourhood? It’s the incidental exercise queen!

Life is a giant exercise routine.

Bags of shopping are a chance to work the arms. Recalcitrant kids are times for sprints to catch them. The school pickup is a mix of star jumps and more. No one can put crockery away quite like kitchen burpee you.

See the pattern? Play the game! Unlock the next bit of incidental exercise along the way. And have fun doing it. Get the kids involved. Even the partner, in-laws and friends can tag along.

More the merrier

You know that woman that totally goes to the bathroom in groups and is happy doing the shopping tour, movie night and anything else she can think of with the girls? She’s Robina Hood and her band of merry friends. And she’s coming to an exercise mama meet near you!

Life is meant to be shared and you know this. That’s why you bring your friends to all the fun exercise classes. You grab the kids for a little impromptu yoga and Pilates. Taking an online exercise course simply means new places to take your friends and/or new people to discover.

You love the team spirit and to cheer others on. Even if that’s sharing your progress and personal best after the fact, you’re in. Challenges are better when they’re split between two!

Challenge accepted

Other women want to finish the exercise program. You want to take on the half marathon, sign up for the boot camp and have your sights set on the City to Surf for fun.

You love nothing more than looking at the competition calendar and looking for the latest challenge. You have the core fitness of a primed Porsche in your good times and you do what you can to keep it that way.

Rock climbing, running, iron women challenges and obstacle course races all get more than a cursory glance when you’re in the mood.

This is the exercise mama that does her baseline test while the kids prepare for the school ones. You may not get the trophy every time, if ever. But you’re in it. And that’s what matters.

The reluctant exercise mama

Exercise? Does couch admiration count?

You and exercise haven’t been friends since…well, let’s just say that Wham was popular, and hair was a lot taller. But you do understand the importance of being able to keep fit and to exercise to relieve stress and improve mood. Keeping up with the children is great too.

You are the reluctant exercise mama. You’d like to be fitter and set a good example for the kids, but sport isn’t really your bag and so it can be tough to stay interested and motivated. It’s not that you are unhealthy or wouldn’t like to move more, it’s just so damn hard to find the right choice!

Finding something low barrier that you can do whenever the mood takes you is the best option. Also, even if the flesh isn’t that inspired, it might be nice to learn as you go so you can help motivate yourself through making smart choices. Appeal to the intellect, that sort of thing.

If only you could find something that was simple, used your own body’s resistance against you, you could do whenever the mood takes you and promoted good habits in a 20-minute investment of time <wink>.

Exercise mamas, you’re in luck

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