Why Pilates is the perfect fit for a busy mum and sassy parenting attitude

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Want to know why Pilates is a great way to keep in shape and get on top of all things Mum related? The gang from online Pilates course, Body Beyond Birth have got you covered.

Here’s a fun yet true way of looking at Pilates as the right exercise program for busy Mums! 

Mums need to be flexible

From climbing under the couch and into tricky areas to find the kid’s latest stash through to having your entire planned day become toast in an instant, Mums sure do need to be flexible.

Life with children and partner as the responsibility wrangler means you need to sure the flexibility and mental agility of a Russian gymnast.

The twist of a smile on your face not betraying the eyebrows of disbelief when all the best laid plans fall like dominoes makes for a rubbery face indeed. It’s about reaching for that extra bit of sanity to fix the forgotten homework at bedtime. Be flexible enough to extend many arms in opposite directions to stop children fighting or getting into mischief is another talent required.

Why not add Pilates flexibility powers to your list? You’ll soon be picking up dirty socks with your feet, reaching over to steal back the remote and waving a stern finger at warring children all at once!

Your core focus gets you through the day

Photo by Pana Vasquez on Unsplash

As morning, after school, school holidays and weekends create a maelstrom of mess, emotional family members and whirlwinds of activity, it’s important to remain focused and centred.

This is where your core focus comes in.

You can find inner peace and a small amount of centre by thinking of that lovely activated core from all those Pilates workouts.

As the world rushes past you at a dizzying rate, use your clarity of mind to remember where his keys are. Direct the kids to their soccer boots, remind the family pet to toilet, book lunch with the girls and remember to order that much needed case of wine with the poise and grace only found in a healthy core.

Channel your inner Wonder Woman

Power pose be damned. You’ve got Pilates on your side! Stand straight, tall and with a back, head and shoulders that means business.

Nothing gets a room cleaned quicker than Mum in full Pilates height. He’ll think twice about some surprise in-laws visit for 16 that “only needs some salads and a BBQ”. And Posey the nosy neighbour will shrink in the shadow of all the confidence you display and rethink that ever so helpful parenting remark.

All this and more could be your next super power with Pilates by your side!

Balancing all the responsibilities

Life with family, work, study and an alleged personal life is so much easier with a little balance. It seems however that cutting your best Joe Cocker impersonation over the ironing doesn’t have the desired affect when it comes time to marshal some help.

If your family is headless, heedless and a tiny bit helpless in the supporting Mum department, why not go visual?

Invite the family to an after dinner show of your Pilates prowess.

Try the work-life balance plank, ideal for the moment where clearly explaining why you need a break is not enough.

You can crouch like a tiger and leap forth to show your awesome leg strength- and that you mean business.

The kneeling, alternating superwoman can help you physically demonstrate you are both reaching out and at the end of your super powers.

Try a plie squat as a last-ditch attempt to pull them off the couch and ready them for action.

Resistance can be helpful

What else can train you for the resistance of a toddler or a teen better than recognising resistance can indeed be helpful?

Growing your mental muscle and finding new and interesting ways to get the kids on board is a lot like mental Pilates. You’re reaching, strengthening, feeling and discovering your own DNA against you in ways you never realised.

Just like your body’s weight and movement can be used to strengthen limbs and make muscles healthy, so too can basic resistance to any idea put forward hone your mental agility.

It’s a matter of understanding when a good workout is a good workout versus a moment of pain and injury.

Breathe and let it go

Nothing prepares you better for the life and times of a busy, caring Mum than being able to breathe and let it go. Allow that tired feeling to dissipate with every breathe. Think of the moments where resistance is futile and channel your inner Elsa from Frozen and let it go.

Take the responsibility you carry on your shoulders and breathe in, hold tight, and then breathe out with a new outlook.

In mothering and Pilates, not everything works out to plan. Being able to feel your body buoyant with breath and good intentions is wonderful. But there are times when you’ve simply got to breathe out the disappointment and the stress and keep on trucking.

Why Pilates is like parenting

Taking a tiny moment to gather you around for a serious pep talk is also important after a giggle.

Not every move you make will strike a pose. But if you keep going with consistent effort, the results will (eventually) show. Life, children, relationships, work and exercise all take time and effort. Sometimes, it will look like all that effort is worth it. Other times…well, there will be scrapes, bumps, problems and moments you wonder why.

But like parenting, if you keep at life, love and Pilates, you’ll start seeing the change.

Want to plonk a little Pilates into your parenting arsenal? Sign up for the Body Beyond Birth program today!