2018 sees a new look Body Beyond Birth

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Noticed anything special and sparkly, ladies? There’s a fresh new look on the Body Beyond Birth website.

You know that feeling of wearing the same old tired outfit to work or your more important outings? We started to feel this way about the Body beyond Birth website. After several years of our old faithful, we really wanted to kick things up a notch. But in typical fashion, we didn’t really know how to go about it.

Call it serendipity, call it fate or simply good timing, but we had a unique opportunity to spring off the board with a recent change in web developer.

What we did was take a long hard look at how we were presenting Body Beyond Birth. We dug into the nooks and crannies that often-lacked exploration. We shone a light on the things such as testimonials we thought were worthy of more love.

The backend of the website felt a little like a basement full of things we kept because we weren’t exactly sure if we should get rid of them. And we dug into the overall look and feel of things.

The result is a lot of work and a fresher, newer look.

Our aim was to bring Body Beyond Birth into a new season for our business. We rolled up our sleeves and wanted to roll out the red carpet. This led us to:

  • Make it easier to overview and select the right Pilates program for your abilities
  • Giving a clearer path to the crucial free 7-day trial for interested parties
  • Highlight the people and praise behind our testimonials
  • Creating the busy mothers out there easy, short and we hope warm videos to introduce the Body Beyond Birth journey
  • Refreshing the content of the programs and making a stronger imprint in the minds of the many of you that move from level 1 through to level 3

We’re pleased with how everything has worked out- but if you find any issues, errors, spelling mistakes or untidy bits, please let us know.

Re-doing the website gave us the opportunity to look critically at our business. It also reminded Becky and Jackie about the process we often go through when shedding what we no longer think services us. The same principle can be applied when you look at exercise and health.

That led us to think about exercise and health in relation to our business. This included looking at:

Meditation rules

Whether it’s meditating on your businesses new design and copy or meditating as an action at the start of the day, taking the time out to mull over the options and be present makes a huge difference to how we perform.

You’ve got to put your boots on

At a certain point, wanting a healthier website was not enough. We knew we had to pop on the gear, strap on the shoes and start on the journey. Sound familiar?

The same drive that helps us act with our business is also the same drive we see time and time again with our members.

Things don’t always go to plan

We started the new refresh journey last year and as soon as we cracked open the bonnet, we knew we were in for more than we bargained for.

All humans tend to be overly optimistic when it comes to estimating the labour and the time to do a task. This is true of everything we do in life- from business through to getting the kids ready in the morning.

The same is true of our Pilates exercise program. We’ve designed it so that you don’t have to be little Miss Perfect from the outset. We know life gets in the way, motivation can be hard to come by and things can change.

The best thing to do is plan the time needed to make the best attempt.

Imposter syndrome is real

At certain points throughout our business journey, we’ve wondered how we got there. Everyone worries if they are good enough, if things are meant for them and if we’re on the right track. The website experience was no different.

But what we learned through this process is that yes, there is a lot of fear attached to change. And yes, it’s harder still when you’re trying to complete a task that isn’t a place where you have built in confidence.

However, with the right people by your side and a willingness to try, confidence comes. You can build through the Imposter Syndrome by being open to the challenge. Learn the process, step out of your comfort zone and see what happens!

Have the right goals in mind

Everything we do here a Body Beyond Birth is about helping women. We want you to feel good about your bodies and to be empowered by the exercise process.

This isn’t about dress sizes, measuring kilos or competing with the clock.

It’s about making healthy changes, finding your fitness, strengthening your body and giving you peace of mind against common pregnancy impacts.

Refreshing our website was about making it easier for you to feel comfortable and confident with your goals.

Want to know more about the Body Beyond Birth website?

Take the time to explore the website and let us know what you think! And current members, stay close to our newsletter for a special offer to celebrate the launch.