How to take time out for you in 2017

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Postnatal Pilates experts Body Beyond Birth are no strangers to the busyness of life. That’s why we’ve put together some simple tips to encourage you to take time out for you!

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Photo by Christopher Campbell – Anyone fancy some Pilates at Hope Island?

Now Momma, we all know you want your kids to have a wonderful life. But you don’t have to make every day a carnival. It’s important that you also get some time to stop and enjoy too. Not just for post natal Pilates or because you too deserve a break.

You operate at your best when you are well rested, stress free and happy. You need relaxation, too! You have to tackle another busy year of school, work and family life.

So make sure you take some time out for you.

Catch up with friends and family.

The kids aren’t the only ones who need regular play dates. We all need adult conversations, right? You can also join our Mother’s Motivation group for a little online fix on Facebook.

Get some sleep on your terms.

Grab a nap when the kids do. Let the cartoons give you a morning sleep in if possible. Keep to that bed time routine so you can keep the kids focused as well as recouping some evening time with your partner or yourself.

Move baby, move.

Exercise is a super important part of keeping us well, happy and inspired. So don’t forget to schedule out time for your Body Beyond Birth postnatal Pilates work out and a little incidental exercise!

Use kids activities to give you ‘me time’.

You don’t have to be available all the time. There are plenty of great ways the kids can be entertained without needing you to be at the helm. Allow them that creative thinking time- and take advantage of things like trips to the cinema, school holiday camps and activities, sharing the play mate load with other parents and more.

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Remember the power of me time and give yourself a little break on Body Beyond Birth.

Take some time out for some small pleasures and enjoy the difference.

If 2017 is your time to start getting fit, don’t put it off. Get started today with this BBB exercise advice.

Don’t let having the kids around defeat your fitness plans. Find out how to squeeze more time into your busy day.

Make sure you make time for daily relaxation. Jackie gives you a relaxation plan designed to do just that.

Make time to learn the lesson of love from your new baby. You won’t regret it.

Head to our postnatal Pilates workout programs and take advantage of some much needed ‘me time’.

On behalf of the Body Beyond Birth team, we’d like to wish each and every one of our Mothers a safe and love-filled and kick ass 2017!