How to exercise during a heatwave

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Home fitness programs and excessive summer heat seriously don’t mix. If there’s one thing that really puts the brakes on the idea of exercise, it’s a heatwave. Unfortunately, Australia has been experiencing record temperatures. This makes it quite difficult to keep the motivation going.

In order to create a good habit, you need 66 days of consistent effort. All it takes is one searing hot day to throw that right out the window when it comes to exercise and eating.

So we’ve put together some sneaky tricks to help you keep cool and keep on track with your home fitness programs during a scorcher.

Think about water

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One of the things we encourage in Body Beyond Birth is using every day activities as a part of your home fitness programs. We’ve talked about resistance exercise with the house chores and playing with kids before. This time, we’re going to use it to keep you cool.

Take for example swimming in the pool or in the ocean. One of the reasons aqua aerobics are so popular with older people is because it’s less impact on the joints but still a great work out.

If the kids have swimming lessons at the local pool or are in Nippers, why not take your swimmers and towel along and get some exercise as well?

Think about walking in water and going against the natural push of the fluid. Try stretching out your back and fully extending your arms and legs. Lean from side to side, moving with and against the current and feel the difference. Try some squats or somersaults in the water.

If you are at the beach, why not use it as an opportunity to work on your balance and try stand up paddle boarding or taking a surf board? Or if you’re not quite at the standing up stage yet, grab the boogie board or do some body surfing. You’ll be working your arms in no time!

You can also take a more gentle approach. Sit in the shallows and reach for your toes. Stretch out your back muscles. You might even be able to do some light stretches in a kid’s pool or the bath tub.

The trick is to think of the elements of our home fitness programs you can achieve with confidence in water. Even the humble walk from one side of the pool to another is a huge workout. It’s a great way to keep cool and entertained while the kids get some water safety and exercise.

Use what you’ve got when it comes to air conditioning

We don’t all have the luxury of air conditioning. It can also be expensive to run as well as a drain on the environment. Many of us swelter when it comes to an Australian heatwave.

But another positive about Body Beyond Birth is that it only takes 20 minutes of exercise as part of one of our home fitness programs to start doing something great. And that’s where bus exercises come in.

The first trick with a bus exercise is to lose a bit of the self consciousness that keeps us down. Shake it off! You can even put some Tay Tay on your iPod to help with that.

Secondly, don’t sit. Stand in the aisle. This in itself can be great balance exercise. Try holding on only when it’s absolutely necessary and feel your muscles and bones stretch in response.

If you are feeling confident, try doing this on one leg. Balance holding on or not, whatever is safest for you and the other bus passengers. Swap legs and repeat.

On particularly slow days on the bus, you can stretch too by grabbing the above the head railing or support device furthest from you. You might also be able to pull off a couple of bends and leg arches.

Try it with a backpack to build up your core. Swap the backpack from front to back and repeat your exercises.

It’s a simple yet effective way to turn an otherwise boring yet delightfully cool bus ride into something useful.

Watch what you eat

Part of our home fitness programs is to encourage you to eat well. This too takes time to become a habit.

When it feels like the sun has been set to incinerate, we often don’t feel like cooking. This is where the temptation to order food is highest or to snack. Both can cause us to slip right off the good eating habits into naughty territory.

Don’t let it.

If you have fussy kids and partner to consider, a standard salad may not cut it. That’s where our recipe section comes in. We’ve got some great ways to jazz up the salad and make it family friendly.

You can also look at having an indoor picnic. Last night’s cold chicken can become today’s picnic jewel. Raid the leftovers and the vegetable crisper.

Chop, serve with healthy dips such as humus and/or salsa and some lovely crackers or wrap bread and pretty soon, you’ve got a deli picnic. One where everyone can pick and choose what they fancy!

End with some slices of fruit or a selection of summer berries in yoghurt and that’s dinner for the night.

All without even thinking about going near a hot stove.

Body Beyond Birth has some fantastic smoothies and other items for those hotter than hot breakfasts as well. Members gain full access to all the recipes available.

Use what you’ve got to boost your home fitness programs to full effect

If the trip to the pool or ocean is a way off and you don’t need the bus right now, it’s time to get inventive. Body beyond Birth home fitness programs don’t begin and end with our wonderful Pilates and yoga lessons. We know busy mamas have to squeeze in me time whenever and wherever they can!

A couple of ways you can squeeze your exercise in without being too hot are:

  • Downloading one of the many free weather apps available and planning to make use of the coolest part of the day within your schedule. We recommend aiming for something in the early part of the day to minimise the heat sapping your motivation
  • Wet your hair before you start, stay hydrated and use a wet towel or flannel. This can help you keep cooler for longer as well as remove excess sweat by sponging off
  • Add a spray bottle to the mix. You can easily get a hairdresser’s spray water bottle from most variety stores. Fill it with water and give yourself a squirt between exercises. Take it to next level by using calming waters such as rosewater and jasmine, available from natural health shops and makeup stores
  • Time it right. If you want to exercise but don’t want to do it in public but the kids are going somewhere, time it so you can benefit. Exercise and throw yourself in the ocean or pool while the kids are busy. Exercise, have a quick shower and jump in the air-conditioned bus, train or car.

No matter the method you choose, the main aim is to not let the summer heat rob you of something you want to do!

Considering trialling the Body Beyond Birth home fitness programs? You’re in luck- check out our no obligation 7 day trial now!