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Want to make your Halloween a little more than sweets, treats and tricks? How about some Halloween themed incidental exercises and Pilates online free?

Yes folks, we’ve got a few tricks of our own here at Body Beyond Birth.

Becky is our resident American and she just loves Halloween. But involving yourself isn’t an American tradition. In fact, Halloween is celebrated by pagans, wiccans and many people who observe natural healing as a celebration of all things magical and wonderful from the earth.

Halloween is growing in popularity in Australia and is a great time to enjoy some fun with the kids.

So that’s why we’re giving you the official Body Beyond Birth Spooktacular Guide to Halloween and get your Pilates online free and fun with the kids games!   

Incidental Exercise Zombie

Want to play games with the kids on Halloween and create costumes? Have we got a beauty for you! Nothing quite says Halloween like a Zombie. Zombies are easy to create because you can easily use some old clothes and a bit of makeup to make a Zombie!

Simply rim your eyes with messy eyeliner and mascara, dribble a little red food colouring or smash up some lipstick around your mouth. Then add the old clothes with more food colouring and a few rips.

To make it totally authentic, it’s all about the walk.

Stiffen your limbs and activate your core by pulling your tummy muscles tight. Pull in your glutes and then start moving around.

Holding your core in an activated position with strong muscles even walking Zombie slow is a great work out. And the kids will get a huge kick out of being followed around by their Zombie Mother!

Dracula’s spooktaclur shoulders

You don’t have to be jumping into Pilates online free or otherwise to know us mere mortals spend way too much time hunched over laptops and computers.

Ask yourself honestly: Have you been spending a lot of time at the computer?

Yep? Then it’s time to channel your inner vampire.

When we spend a lot of time on the computer, we can switch off the muscles in our shoulder blades and back. Left unattended, these muscles will start to weaken. This could lead to migraines, shoulder problems and even put the nerves in your neck and shoulder at risk of damage through not being protected by healthy, active muscle.

So what should you do to counter act it? Practise your vampire (or fairy) wings.

Grab your vampire wings or fairy wings from an everyday discount store. Place them on your back. Then pull your shoulder blades in together without raising your shoulders up. You might need to practise this in front of a mirror to get it right. You can also do it leaning against a wall as if you are doing a press up from the wall to get used to activating the right area.

See the wings move? Do that for 10 reps at a time.

Not only does it help build your shoulder muscles, it can give you the ability to move your wings in front of the kids- something they’re bound to love.

Mmmm brains and eyeballs

One of the things that makes parents hesitate about Halloween is the amount of junk food consumed. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can start a game of sharing ghost stories with a blind fold with healthy treats.

Make up a story about all things blood and gore.

Think about boiled egg eyeballs or plums. Use cold cooked spaghetti for witch’s hair, carrots for their pointy noses. Tomato juice or cranberry juices make great vampire blood. You can also make witches brew (or fruit punch) with all kinds of weird and wonderful juices, fruits and colours.

Linked sausages double as intestines and any kind of creamy, pudding goodness can feel like scary ghost goo with the right story and lighting.

Make a feast fit for your little ghouls and goblins without having to resort to lollies and treats and it may even have a positive impact on their eating habits at other times, too.

And remember, no Pilates online free or otherwise were harmed in the making of this horror demonstration.

Trick or treat?

Trick or treat is a popular theme of Halloween, so why not use it to get the family being physical?

You could try to imitate all kinds of Halloween themes- like the back arching black cat. Or the Zombie walk from before. What about pretending to be a dead cockroach or other icky bugs on your back? Could you freeze like a statue on one leg in pele formation like a ballerina? Or be a one armed fallen statue frozen in a one armed push up on the ground?

If you take a look at our Body Beyond Birth YouTube channel, you’ll see Pilates online free for you to use as inspiration among our exercise routines. Feel free to mix it up and get busy!

All you need to do is think about Halloween themes and the kinds of exercises you can do. Use your imagination and the kids will follow.

You can also play trick or treat for cakes and sweets. Instead of simply receiving the treats, why not challenge the kids to running races, climbing the stairs, riding the witch broom competitions, 3 legged monster races and more? Winner takes the candy with each fun round. That way, nobody has to feel too guilty if there’s a little indulgence at Halloween.

The Masquerade Ball

If you’d like to put on a little Halloween cheer but you’re not so keen on going door to door, why not hold a Halloween Party? You can incorporate everything that’s in this post as well as dancing at the Monster Ball. It’s a perfect way to get some exercise with Halloween- and maybe even wish someone in the family a spooktackular birthday in the process.

Dressing up and acting your characters while having a dance with the whole family is bound to make things fun while scoring some exercise.

Whatever you decide, why not grab a little Halloween themed exercise today? Looking for more Pilates online free and waiting? Explore our programs today!