Leah’s story: Using work out plans for health & energy

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Leah contacted Body Beyond Birth seeking work out plans that would complement her post pregnancy routine. Leah was familiar with Becky’s work from her Pilates studio. As someone with experience with Pilates and someone who was used to fitness and work out plans, she chose level two of the Body Beyond Birth program. This is her story.


Using work out plans for revitalising health and increasing energy

I have just completed the 12 week Body Beyond Birth program on the level 2 work out plans and I feel great! I have much more energy, feel stronger overall and am doing it all with great posture.


Since beginning the level 2 work out plans, I’ve lost 8 cm off my waist. And I can now hold a plank over 3 times longer than when I started.


When I started the program, my daughter was almost 6 weeks old. I felt run down and unwell. I was feeling terrible after a month’s worth of antibiotics following episodes of mastitis. Having work out plans to focus on helped me recover my health.

Before the Body Beyond Birth work out plans for LeahBBB - beforeWork out plans for slimming post-pregnancy

Feeling better wasn’t the only benefit. By week 8, I was fitting back into my pre-pregnancy jeans. I was so excited!


Now my daughter is 4 months old, I feel great again. I feel more alive and energetic. I’ve even celebrated with a shopping spree to buy decent clothes for my wardrobe again.


I achieved my goal with Body Beyond Birth. I wanted to get back in shape before a family trip to visit the in-laws in the UK. I knew it was a trip where I’d really need my energy. I think I will try out the level 3 when I get back in a month’s time and attempt a fun run in September.


What’s to love about Body Beyond Birth work out plans?

I loved the 20 minute Pilates videos. They had just the right variety. I liked that the work out plans became more challenging each week.


The yoga was good as well. I haven’t done a lot of yoga in the past so found them a little challenging at times. But I felt great afterwards. The weekly calendar plans perfect and just what I needed to inspire me to keep going. The diet information was great as well and there were some really useful resources.


Work out plans for women that work

I have told the mothers group about Body Beyond Birth work out plans and sent them the details on our Watsapp group. I have also shared the program on Facebook with my friends.


Thanks for the opportunity to do the program! I’m now signed up to level 3.

After the Body Beyond Birth work out plans for Leahafter - bbb

Want to feel so proud of your work out plans you tell everyone you know? Join Leah and hundreds of women like her using Body Beyond Birth for health, fitness and fun today! Sign up now.