Feedback wanted from 7 day trial members

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Have you tried the Pilates based exercise program that is Body Beyond Birth?

Have you take advantage of our free trial?

Then we need to hear from you!

Hello Body beyond Birth community- we’re popping up the Bat Signal and asking for your help again. This time, we want to understand the mechanics of our 7 day trial.

What we want to understand is your experience of our 7 day trial.

body beyond birth free trialWe have some theories on how we can make it cool and what is great about it. But hearing from you is the missing link in the process.

Offering a Pilates based exercise program, we don’t get to ask the face to face questions we usually might. So this is your chance to tell us what you are thinking.

Put simply, if you’ve ever done our 7 day trial and not continued on to the full program, we want your brutal honesty as to why not. Or if you’ve tried the trial and then gone onto use the program in full, we want to know if that trial experience matched your expectation of the full program.

Without your feedback, we can’t say for certain we’re designing a 7 day exercise trial that you expect. And that’s exactly what we set out to do- design something that will give you a taste of a program that you’ll continue to use.

It’s no secret that businesses offer free trials of their offering to eventually win the trust of the paying customer.

Body Beyond Birth is no different. So we want to know if the quality meets your expectation. Or if it’s too hard or too easy. We want to know if you love the program but price is a barrier to you converting. Or if life simply got in the way of best intentions, we want to know that as well.

So please, help us to help improve our Body Beyond Birth 7 day trial and give us 3 minutes of your day to answer 5 simple questions. Your simple, honest and even brutal feedback will help us build a trial experience and an exercise product for you. We want to provide a Pilates based exercise program that you understand well through the trial process. Knowing what you do and don’t like about the trial is part of that.

Help us out and share your opinion of the BBB trial now via this link:

If you complete the entire survey (and answer our tricky multiple choice question at the end), you could go into the draw to win a free membership.

So what are you waiting for? Be heard and (potentially) be a winner today!