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We’ve heard from some of you that your girlfriends simply can’t get your head around the concept of Pilates classes online. We get it. It can be hard to explain how you receive the small benefits as a face to face exercise class. Or how Body Beyond Birth goes beyond the actual Pilates class to offer that something more.

So to help you help your girlfriends understand Body Beyond Birth a bit better, we’ve decided to take you on a small tour of the inner workings.

Here you can see what Pilates classes online really look like, BBB style!

Deep diving into level 3 of Body Beyond Birth

All our programs are tailored to work with you based on your particular situation. That’s why we offer a Pregnancy Exercise Program as well as the Body Beyond Birth original program for women post birth.

Within our post birth exercise program, we also offer levels 1, 2 and 3. These levels cater to your specific fitness levels and experience of Pilates.

Our Pilates classes online and your needs

Level 1 is ideal for any of you who have had a significant break from regular exercise and/or have little to no experience with Pilates. Or if you’ve given birth and there are some physical considerations that have impacted your fitness level such as an abdominal separation, bladder leakage, caesarian or difficult birthing process. Of the Pilates classes online we offer this is your kinder, gentler ease in to regular workouts.

Level 2  is for you if you’ve got some fitness and exercise under your belt. It may mean you’ve exercised in the last 3 months on a semi-regular basis and need a little more structure and guidance. Or that you exercised during pregnancy a little as well. Level 2 is if you are on the mend as well. So if the abdominal separation has been healing nicely or you may need the loo more often but it’s not too concerning. Level 2 is great for you if you want some help to keep you applied to a routine and/or if you’d like to discover some new ways to help.

Level 3 is designed to give our Sporty Spice style members something to really sink your teeth into. With Level 3, there is a need for you to have engaged in regular exercise and to have a high competency with Pilates. Pilates classes online suit you because you’re fond of exercise but are finding it can be harder and harder to squeak in a session at the gym or to get to a regular class because you’ve got kids, home and work to think of. You want to work on strength training and leaning down in a healthy manner.

Check out our Pilates level overviews for further information or to register for your free trial.

Today we take a walk on the Body Beyond Birth boardwalk to Level 3. But don’t worry about missing out if you are likely to choose a different level. The Levels are designed the same, it’s the content that sets the challenge!

level 3 online pilates class body beyond birth

As you can see from the Level 3 landing page, there’s a whole lot more to Body Beyond Birth than simply Pilates classes online!

So that you know what level of fitness you are currently at and so that you can visibly see progress during different stages of the course, you sit the Baseline Test.

You also gain access to exercise lessons and supports such as:

  1. Pilates videos
  2. Yoga videos
  3. Workout extras- these include everything from walks through to using household chores and daily routines as incidental exercise

At Body Beyond Birth, we also believe that health and fitness comes from great nutrition, the ability to de-stress and to work out safely.

Which is why we offer:

  • Dietician and nutritionist selected and approved healthy meal and snack ideas
  • Meditation videos and advice on relaxation
  • Becky’s amazing advice as a qualified Physiotherapist so you remain injury-free

Bring these elements together and you have a whole package!

Giving structure and encouraging autonomy

One of the things we recognised early on through talking to Pilates students in class and to mothers looking for fitness regimes is the need for structure as well as independent thought.

Fitness is deeply personal. No matter who you are, we can doubt our abilities, get side tracked and lose motivation. This is especially true of mothers who spend a lot of your time, energy and brainspace caring for the little ones. So we knew we needed to design an exercise program that allowed you some flexibility. And some assistance with designing exercise to fit into your daily routine.

The same was true when we discussed healthy eating with Nadia our resident foodie and Meg the nutritionist. What we found was the biggest way to fail at swapping inactivity for exercise or eating habits in general was that massive “rip the band-aid off’ style changes are less likely to stick.

But encouraging small, incremental changes and swapping one behaviour for another had longer lasting results. So we designed our planners to work with you to build up slowly while also allowing for real life to exist as well.

diet planner for online pilates course body beyond birth

PIlates Workouts, Body Beyond Birth style

Not all Pilates classes online are created equal. With Body Beyond Birth, we make sure that we’re showing you the moves and techniques. Plus we’re also supplying the context.
With each Pilates workout and exercise video, we provide an overview, proper Physiotherapist advice from Becky and an understanding of what body part or fitness goal you’re looking to meet.

pilates workout videos - body beyond birth exercise program for women

Before jumping into the lesson so that you can get your workouts happening!

pilates workouts online - body beyond birth

This is the basic entry to our program. In our next Body Beyond Birth Tour, we take a deep dive into the supporting elements of our program. We look at eating well, making the most of Yoga and incidental exercise and proper Physio advice.

Want to experience Body Beyond Birth and discover how Pilates classes online can help you?

Check out our 7 day free trial now! Or check out the levels we offer for yourself. 

And you can follow along the continuation of the tour and discover why we’re more than online Pilates classes here.