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In our last tour blog, we took at look at the inner workings of online Pilates classes, Body Beyond Birth style. This tour, we’re looking at those special extras that make Body Beyond Birth shine above the rest.

Here’s why Body Beyond Birth is more than online Pilates classes or fitness workouts

As shown in the first tour, Body Beyond Birth takes a whole picture approach to health and fitness.

When you choose Body Beyond Birth, you receive:

  • Online Pilates classes each week for 12 weeks
  • Additional Yoga and incidental exercise classes
  • Nutrition and diet advice
  • Stress reduction through meditation and other support
  • Sound advice on injury prevention and Physiotherapy

level 3 online pilates class body beyond birth

yoga videos inside online fitness course body beyond birthA sample of our great Yoga videos. 

If you want the full rundown, head to our blog on online pilates classes.

Food is a big part of the journey

You can fight to the cows come home about whether it’s exercise or what we eat that causes weight gain and health issues. The truth is, both how we move and what we eat influence our health. Movement alone won’t fix weight gain. Focussing on movement also doesn’t break the habits that may have lead you to step off the exercise treadmill either.

We believe at Body Beyond Birth in body, nutrition and mind working together as 3 to help you.

That’s why we have nutrition as part of our program. And some sensational recipes. Meg our Nutritionist also gives you the support to make the changes.

Like setting the baseline test for Becky and Jackie’s online Pilates classes and other fitness routines, Meg and Nadia (our resident foodie) work on helping you have a prosperous and healthy relationship with food.

Body Beyond Birth do this by:

  • Providing recipes that are not only good for you, they are good for your family too
  • Taking the mystery out of common food terms, ideas and pitfalls women fall into when changing their eating habits
  • Busting myths surrounding common foods such as carbs, alcohol and fats
  • Helping you take charge of creating healthy eating habits

nutrition advice as part of the online pilates classes offered by Body Beyond Birth

You’ll notice we tend to shy away from the word ‘diet’. This is because women everywhere have such a bad association with the word!

From the time we’re teens, we’re weight and body conscious. A lot of that has to do with the idea of skinny being preferable in society. But skinny doesn’t mean healthy. Healthy comes in all kinds of body shapes and sizes. And good health and a great relationship with food are not based on prohibition or demonising weight, certain foods and our bodies.

What Body Beyond Birth aims to do when it comes to nutrition is help you find healthy eating habits. And to excite you about yummy, delicious food that just happens to be healthy as well as tasty. So we spend time with you throughout the Body Beyond Birth program throwing out the negatives associated with food and replacing them with practical and helpful strategies instead.

And it’s about streamlining your workload. So you don’t have to prepare one meal for you and another for the rest of the family. Or eat well for breakfast, lunch and dinner yet flounder or deny yourself when it comes to snacking or desserts.

healthy recipes for family - body beyond birth

Proper advice from a Physiotherapist who specialises in women’s health

One of the ways Body Beyond Birth has an edge over other workout programs and online Pilates classes is that we have a Physiotherapist at the helm. Becky and Jackie are both qualified Pilates instructors. Becky can add even more scientific and medical credence to our program as she is a degree qualified Physiotherapist.

So what does that mean to you?

Becky has spent her time at university and throughout her working career as a physio. So she knows how to:

  • Design exercises to avoid potential injuries and future issues
  • Create exercise plans that help women regain fitness after injury. Which you can see with her work in abdominal separations, around caesareans, in strengthening the pelvic floor and other common issues encountered in women post birth
  • Incorporate the science of movement with exercise philosophy more effectively than other programs
  • Tailor the exercise experience to particular fitness levels or circumstances. As can be seen with our pregnancy exercise program, and the levels of Body Beyond Birth’s flagship exercise program

Plus Becky and Jackie both want to help women with their journey. So they not only share information that helps you exercise safely and effectively. They invite you to understand why your body may click, crunch and respond the way it does. And give simple remedies to help overcome any issues you may have.

physiotherapy planned exercise for women - body beyond birth

Meditation for the win

We know that exercise helps reduce stress. But we also know mothers have a fair share of extra stress. Adding extra support to the process is part of wellness. This is why we include meditation as part and parcel of the Body Beyond Birth experience.

Meditation is often misunderstood. It’s not about staying in pure silence as the guru talks you through your amazing journey to enlightenment. What meditation offers is that ability to slow yourself down, let your thoughts untangle, and quite you busy mind.

Meditation is great for:

  • Uncluttering lots of competing thoughts so you can focus more
  • Reducing stress, lowering your level of anxiety and calming your thoughts
  • Boosting your ability to concentrate and sharpening your awareness of your surroundings
  • Giving your brain a much needed rest when sleep may be on short supply
  • Reminding you to breathe deeply which in turn helps oxygenate the blood, lower your heart rate and give your brain more air for clarity of thinking

That’s why we include meditation videos as part of the additions to our online Pilates classes, recipes and more as standard.

meditation in body beyond birth, the online pilates classes with more for women

That’s all for our tour of Body Beyond Birth for now. We hope you have enjoyed it!

And if you have any additional questions, you can find them via our FAQ, via our Facebook page or email us direct via [email protected]